Regia Marina has produced turned metal barrels in 1:350 scale for the 15-inch and 6-inch guns of the Italian battleships of the Vittorio Veneto class. The barrels can be purchased in sets of just the main 15-inch guns, sets of just the secondary 6-inch guns, or a combined set of both types of guns. There are nine 15-inch and twelve 6-inch guns included in the sets. The 15-inch guns had a distinctive slope to the reinforcing band closest to the turret. Comparing the 15-inch Regia Marina scale barrels with photographs of the actual ship's barrels, there may be a little too great of slope on 15-inch barrels. However, I could be in error on this. The muzzle ring appears correct. The diameters of these barrels are slightly greater than the diameters of the holes in the blast bags of the turrets of the 1:350 scale Delphis kit, so you'll have to open up these holes a little bit more for the Delphis turrets. I can't comment on the Axis barrels or resin turrets for their Roma, as I have not seen them.

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