New Kits from Regia Marina

In March 2003 Regia Marina will introduce three new models, actually four since one is done in two different series. At the Hobby Model Expo in Milan, Italy Giampiero Galeotti will have his new 1:700 scale models of the World War Two Italian Destroyers of the Navigatori Class, in two different series, and Folgore/Freccia Class. Regia Marina will also have a modern subject, the Comandante Cigala Fulosi. All of the new kits are resin and come with their own photo-etched frets. The photographs show the master patterns and photo-etch templates.

Master Pattern for Folgore/Freccia Class Destroyer
FrecciaPrototype.jpg (41852 bytes) FrecciaPlat.jpg (44918 bytes)
FrecciaCarleys.jpg (42198 bytes) FrecciaBoats.jpg (29285 bytes) folgorePETemp.jpg (95326 bytes)

Notice that the Navigatori Class will come in 1st series and 2nd series. There are significant differences between the two.

Master Pattern for Navigatori Class Destroyer in Two Series
NavigatoriSr1master.jpg (41213 bytes) Navigatori2SeriesMaster.jpg (50092 bytes) NavigatoriPlat.jpg (46620 bytes)
NavigatoriTT.jpg (38891 bytes) NavigatoriCarley.jpg (46737 bytes) ctnavigatoriPE.jpg (102524 bytes)

The photo-etch rails set comes with the Navigatori and Folgre/Freccia kits and is also available separately.

Comandante Cigala Fulgosi & Railing Photo-Etch
cigala fulgosi 5[1].jpg (101427 bytes) cigalafulgosiPETemp.jpg (102079 bytes) RMrailingsTemplate.jpg (108292 bytes)

RegiaMarina.jpg (5287 bytes)