Radu Brinzan may not sound quite as Irish as Patrick O'Brien but nonetheless he is located in the Emerald Isle and runs RB Productions. Located in magical Dunmanway, West Cork, Ireland, Radu produces many items for the modeler. Among these items are two models of folding tools for photo-etch. These are tools R5 and R10. Both are produced in high strength stainless steel. Flip-R5 is the smaller of the two. The tool comes with a very well illustrated instruction pamphlet, which illustrates the assembly and use of the tool. Although, it mentions that finger pressure can be used to hold the photo-etch part in place during the bending process, it further mentions and shows that using an office clamp may be used to keep the part from shifting position. The device folds on end hinges to create the proper bend and also includes various tools for shaping certain forms. A ruler is placed along the bottom edge to allow measurements. Even more valuable are a series of half circles with allow the modeler to mold curves with a 10mm, 7.5mm, 5mm, 3mm, and 2mm radius. 

R5 Folding Tool
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Flip-R10 is a much larger tool with approximately twice the length. It allows the similar functions of the smaller tool. Of course the larger size allows for a longer ruler along the bottom edge. Unlike the smaller Flip-R5 tool, there is only one template for creating a curve. There are templates for right angle turns, so in this regard the Flip-R5 appears to have greater flexibility. The hinge design is different in that circular discs are used to turn within a circular recess. As with the Flip-R5, the  Flip-R10 includes a fully illustrated instruction sheet for assembly and usage. Either tool will provide crisp clean bends for your photo-etch.

R10 Folding Tool
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Both the Flip-R5 and the Flip-R10 photo-etch bending tools can be acquired directly from RB Productions through the dedicated web site linked below.