These photographs are of my build of the Regia Marina 1/700 scale resin kit of the USS North Carolina.  This is an excellent kit which provides parts and instructions for building the ship in any of its configurations from as launched to post-war. The diorama is based on a photograph of the North Carolina taken as she was completing the fitting out process in early 1942.  This photograph is reproduced in the Classic Warships book on the North Carolina Class Battleships, on pp 14-15. It is an aerial view of the ship, at anchor, with seemingly hundreds of her crew on deck.  Ships boats are in the water, doors and hatches are open, and crew are on top of the aft Mark 37 director preparing to install the MK-4 radar. The positioning of the main and secondary armament models that in the photograph. The very complete kit supplied most of the parts, including those on a dedicated photo-etch fret.  I used a few Skywave styrene replacement parts, and added PE 20mm, ladders, doors, hatches, anchors, chains, cranes, and ultrafine rails from Gold Medal Models. There are over 150 GMM 1/700 figures on the model.

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Jim Kloek