One of my ongoing projects has been to build a model of each Russian battleship classes starting from Navarin. I held off on building Retvizan for several years as I did not think that I could successfully render the small oval openings seen in the model. Instead I worked on other ships in the series. I finally started the build in December 2010 but not with much confidence as the plans I used included a great many details that were a challenge for me to render in 1/550 scale. Somehow, I devised a scheme to render the small oval openings and dealt with the small details as best I could. The final result looks okay if not subject to fine scrutiny. The scale is 1/550.

retvizanGS01.jpg (104647 bytes) retvizanGS03.jpg (110330 bytes) retvizanGS06.jpg (105276 bytes)
retvizanGS07.jpg (113033 bytes) retvizanGS08.jpg (112207 bytes) retvizanGS11.jpg (130916 bytes)

Greg Shoda