Even though the Combrig Retvizan is very detailed and very well made, I made the following improvements in an attempt to make the model look just like the box art.

  1. Opened all 20 hull gun ports, water-tight doors and hatches.
  2. Scratch-built guns, gun port shields, hatch covers and water-tight doors using strip plastic and a GMM watertight door set.

   3. Added water-tight doors to superstructure.

Retvizan1QT50.jpg (89632 bytes) Retvizan3QT275.jpg (70362 bytes)
  1. Opened up the bridge and added open doors to the bridge. The doors were a little too wide so I had to move the placement of the bridge ladder to accommodate.
  2. Used real chain for the anchors.

The kit was complete except it needs some water-tight doors, extra vertical ladders and extra railing. There was not enough supplied with the kit. Buy a GMM set. I loved building this kit and especially love the time period. It is a very good model of a unique subject and is highly recommended. The kit may not be appropriate for a beginning modeler. 

Retvizan5QT275.jpg (72815 bytes) Retvizan2QT27.jpg (61713 bytes) Retvizan6QT50.jpg (92833 bytes)