Greetings from Spain ! This is a Type VII-C U-Boat. The model is the old Revell 1:125 scale kit, extensively modified to make it a standard U-boot in March-April 1943, at the peak of the Battle of the Atlantic. This is before the 88 mm gun was removed from all units in June of that same year. All hull holes were drilled from the inside. The Wintergarten was made with a box of Ferrero-Roche chocolates and the Windabweiser (or wind deflector) is made with the border of a common plastic picnic plate. The steps in the tower scales are made with metal staples and the aerials isolation balls are glass beads. The aerials themselves are made with nylon fishing thread. The Flak guns are the most complicated pieces. The 20 mm mechanism boxes are made with oblong MacDonald´s coffee spoons, the shields are made with yogurt glasses, and the conical Laffetten L-38 are simply the points of standard BIC ball-point pens. Again I used no photo-etched parts, and no Evergreen stuff. No money to spend on it.

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Guillermo “Willie” Martinez