This is the old Revell USS Arizona with Gold Medal Models brass detail, a few bits from the Tom's Modelworks set, and a ton of scratch-building, including the Kingfishers and the 5" AA guns on the boat deck. I am normally an aircraft builder, but this is my first serious attempt at a ship. The reason for the interest in a non-flying subject is simple, that I am incredibly blessed to be a member of the USS Arizona Reunion Association, the organization for the survivors, previous crew and families of the USS Arizona. Thus I was in a position to get plenty of information firsthand from the sailors themselves.

Yes, I did choose to go with the oft-debated 5S paint scheme, for the simple reason that, correct or not, EVERY SINGLE SURVIVOR I know recalls a VERY light blue color, and ALL of them remember putting on said lighter color during a major repaint as they were preparing to leave drydock in early November '41. It may well be that the painting was incomplete as of the attack, but I went with the overall blue other than the mast tops. Those of you who still argue the 5D may still be correct for all I know, but keep in mind my model was to be shown to the actual survivors, and I was not brave enough to go against their memories, correct or not! Since the included photo of the survivors with the model was taken in December '09, two of the men in that photo have sadly passed away. Anyway, enjoy the photos; I still have a lot to learn in the shipbuilding realm, but it was a wonderful experience, with tons of help from you folks in the forum. Thanks again! 

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Andrew Desautels
(aka "Andrew D BB39 Sec")