What's All this About the Cold War being Over! By Mario Grima
Guppies were very important submarines. Not only did they serve the free world with ample submarine coverage, but also were to modern submarines what the Gemini Space program was to Apollo. They were excellent experimental electronic platforms. The knowledge gained from them is the ancestor to the giant nuclear boomers and fast attack submarines of today.

The Models-
Here are two models. One is the USS Becuna, wearing its Electric Boat Step Sail, and the other is the USS Torsk, wearing Its Portsmouth Step sail. Both models are built from two Revell Lionfish and my step sail kits.

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The Becuna
USS Becuna SS-319
was built by the Electric Boat Company. She is a Balao Class conversion to a Guppy 1A boat. The Guppy 1A program was a sort of low budget Guppy designed to slip by Congressional naval budget cuts. The system did feature the streamlined sail, streamlined superstructure, better batteries, updated masts, snorkel, modernized equipment and internal rearrangements. Current status-Museum ship at Penn's Landing Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Paint scheme-Black Measure

USS Becuna SS-319
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This model is wearing my EB step sail. The sail itself is pre-detailed, so that after installing the array masts you have the snorkel induction, snorkel exhaust fairing, antennas, radar, and periscopes. In order to convert the hull into a Guppy the bow was rounded off and built up with a little putty. The safety railing is included with the sail kit. Today Becuna is painted a dark measure. Last time I saw her she was wearing a two-tone crisp cut black/gray measure. I liked her that way so I did this model in that style.

The Torsk
USS Torsk SS-423 was built by the Portsmouth Naval Yard. It was a Tench Class conversion to fleet snorkel boat. The fleet snorkel boats look similar to Guppies with their sail designs but they retained their WWII bow, superstructure and internal equipment. The one feature that was incorporated into them was the snorkel system, with induction and Exhaust tubing, ECM masts and different types of Sonar's from chin bow to deck. Current Status - Museum ship- Baltimore, Maryland.

USS Torsk SS-423
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The Torsk- This model is wearing my Portsmouth step sail. Build up is similar to the Becuna, only since this submarine is a fleet snorkel, the bow did not have to be rounded. On the rear deck there are four sections were the wood paneling was removed. This may have been removed on the Torsk when the Regulus Missile apparatus was installed in its past active life span. The safety railing differs from the Becuna. Both have chin sonar. Paint Scheme-Museum Paint scheme E above the number for an Efficiency designation and blue shark mouth two tone camouflage measure.