This kit is a 1/700 scale Revell-Germany release of the Rommel Destroyer, which as is a reboxing of the Dragon USS Charles F. Adams Class Guided Missile Destroyer, with the additional funnel and mast parts for the German version!

However the Revell model represents the FGS Rommel of the late 1980's. I decided to build the 1990's version. There are only a few modifications needed to build a 1990's version. The most visible is the bigger deck structure forward, needed to allow the mounting of the RAM Launcher. The RAM Launcher came from Italeri Tarawa and it cost half the price of the Dragon Tarawa! Chaff launchers should also be added. I took 2 x SRBOC 6 barreled Mk 36 from Revell. The launchers are located amidships on the deck with the ASROC Launcher, next to the aft superstructure and below the aft funnel.

FGS Lutjens - 03a.jpg (91411 bytes) FGS Lutjens - 04a.jpg (109375 bytes) FGS Lutjens - 05a.jpg (118995 bytes)

Two MK20 20mm Rheinmetall guns should also be fitted. I didn't mount the guns, because it was necessary to scratch build them and I was no able to do it.

The 20mm guns are located on platforms amidships on the deck with the ASROC launcher, next to the forward superstructure and below the forward funnel. It looks like an extension of the platform for the Life Raft canisters. The model is of a good quality and you are not required to invest much additional work to get a very good-looking model.

You can see the ship at this link:

FGS Lutjens - 02a.jpg (70977 bytes) FGS Lutjens - 06a.jpg (87541 bytes)

Ayala Botto
Lisbon, Portugal