Here are photographs of a Revell 1:72 scale PT-109 that I built. The build is pretty much straight out of the box. Besides the paint scheme, the only non-kit modifications are brass wire around .50 cal. gun mounts and behind 20mm; brass wire for .50 cal. gun barrels, a wire antenna and a radome (which may or may not have been on any of the actual MTB Ron-10 boats).  The camouflage scheme was done with Floquil base white spray and lots of HO-scale model raiload safety stripe decals.  The scheme is far from "exact" as it is my personal generalization of what I feel is a pretty unique WWII paint job.

PTEW04.JPG (102759 bytes) PTEW06.JPG (110789 bytes) PTEW05.JPG (101977 bytes)
PTEW02.JPG (117816 bytes) PTEW03.JPG (143763 bytes) PTEW01.JPG (111289 bytes)

Ed Wong
Louisville, Kentucky