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redball.gif (371 bytes) Type 96 IJN Aircraft, Aoshima 1:700 Scale - For all of those who wish to portray something different in IJN carrier construction is this set of aircraft for Type 96 IJN aircraft for pre-war Japanese aircraft carriers produced by Aoshima in 1:700 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Chih Yuen, Imperial Chinese Protected Cruiser, Wooden Decks For the Bronco Models Kit, ArtwoxModel 1:350 Scale - The ArtwoxModel wooden decks for the 1:350 scale Bronco Chih Yuen is an outstanding product. It is a perfect vehicle to try out wooden decks on plastic models because of the lower price of the decks and model, minimal superstructure cutouts, and smaller size. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Mutsu Wooden Decks For the Aoshima Kit, ArtwoxModel 1:700 Scale - If you are looking for outstanding quality wooden decks to further enhance you Mutsu kit produced by Aoshima in 1:700 scale, try the wooden deck set produced by ArtwoxModel. Available from more and more retailers, including in the United States, pick up the set and you won't be disappointed. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Prinz Eugen Wooden Decks For the Trumpeter Kit, ArtwoxModel 1:350 Scale - With the twenty-eight wooden decks for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale model of the Prinz Eugen, the ArtwoxModel wooden deck set for the cruiser, you can revel in wooden decking to your heart's delight. Great appearance, good fit, low price, the ArtwoxModel  1:350 scale Prinz Eugen wooden deck set delivers big time! 
redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Repulse Wooden Decks For the Trumpeter Kit, ArtwoxModel 1:350 Scale - I'm pumped about the ArtwoxModel five deck set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Repulse. After fitting the wooden quarterdeck to the plastic Trumpeter deck, I found that removing the wooden deck from the sheet was easy and really enhanced the appearance off the battlecruiser's long quarterdeck. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Yamashiro Wooden Decks For the Aoshima Kit, ArtwoxModel 1:700 Scale - If wooden decks on you warships are what you want for enhancement on a plastic model, ArtwoxModel already has a good selection of 1:350 and 1:700 wooden decks for many of the most popular model ships produced by Aoshima, Tamiya, Trumpeter, Dragon, Hasegawa, and Revell, as well as large sheets of decking, which you can customize for kits that do not yet have a model specific sheet available. The ArtwoxModel wooden decks set for the 1:700 scale Aoshima Yamashiro is an impressive product, especially given the ease with which the deck cut-outs are punched out. It makes me want to go out and buy the kit just so I can build it with the ArtwoxModel wooden decks. 
Atlantic Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) Folding Tool for Photo-Etch, Atlantic Models ATT02 - Tired of losing your eyesight and mind in bending minute photo-etch parts? No need to embrace the madness. Save your sanity with the Atlantic Models Folding Tool for Photo-Etch
redball.gif (371 bytes) Atlantic Models, 1:600 Warship Parts, Peter Hall's Atlantic Models has started producing a range of detailed parts, designed to spruce up those classic Airfix kits. Review by Felix Bustelo.
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN WWII & Korean War Aircraft Sets, Dragon/Cyber-Hobby 1:700 Scale - Whether you are swarming Kurita’s fleet at Leyte Gulf or going for a massed attack on those pesky bridges at Toko-Ri, Dragon/Cyber-Hobby has the extra aircraft to give you the big strike. Four different aircraft sets, each containing 18 aircraft, provide additional 1:700 scale aircraft for eleven different types of aircraft. 
Flyhawk Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) WWII Large Ventilators, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH-700160 - Flyhawk Model has released three different sets of mushroom ventilators for 1:700 scale WWII warships. Set FH 700160, WWII Warship Ventilators I, contains forty large turned brass ventilators wit relief etched additional detail in the for of a riveted/bolted top plate and side louvers. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) WWII Medium Ventilators, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH-700161 - Flyhawk Model set, WWII Ventilators II FH-700161, has forty medium size mushroom ventilators for 1:700 scale World War Two warships. The ventilators are beautifully executed turned brass pieces. If this were not enough, Flyhawk also provides a photo-etch fret of additional relief-etched details in the form of ventilator tops and side louvers. 
redball.gif (371 bytes)WWII Small Ventilators, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH-700162 - Flyhawk Models has just produced three different sets of turned brass ventilator fittings for 1:700 scale warships. Flyhawk Ventilators III, FH-700162, has the smallest ventilators and they are SMALL. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Yamato Premium Wooden Deck Set, Fujimi 1:500 Scale -You can't keep a good idea down and Fujimi has brought back 1:500 scale for their new release of a Yamato. This scale gives you a real alternative if you think 1:700 scale is too small or you don't have a spare gymnasium for a 1:350 scale Yamato. To further enhance their Yamato kit, Fujimi has also released a set of premium wooden decks. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Early 1930s Carrier Aircraft Set, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale -This set provides nine Nakajima Type 90 fighters and nine Mitsubishi Type 13 Model 2 attack bombers. The Mitsubishis could double as a torpedo bomber or standard bomber. Hasegawa even provides separate torpedoes.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Modern USN Aircraft Carriers Deck Vehicles, Set JAG 711 - With JAG set 711 you get superbly cast resin parts and a photo-etch fret for a monster Tilley and enough small tractors and trolleys to stage your own Talladega 500. With set JAG 711 you know that you have rolled a winner. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Satellite Communication Domes, JAG 1:700 Scale - If you model modern warships, you'll have noticed the advent of satellite communications with the mushrooming of the mushroom shapes of communication domes on modern designs. JAG has produced a new resin accessory set in 1:700 scale that provides a wide selection of these communications domes. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) French Post War Destroyer Upgrade Set, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale, Review by Falk Pletscher - L'Arsenal just released an upgrade set for the 1/400 scale Heller kit of the French post-WW II destroyers. Review by Falk Pletscher
redball.gif (371 bytes) Richelieu Upgrade Set, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Review by Falk Pletscher - As was to be expected, L'Arsenal issued their own upgrade set for the 1/700 scale Trumpeter kit of RICHELIEU. Review by Falk Pletscher
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN Heavy Cruiser Catapults, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Set AC350-39 - With the L'Arsenal USN Heavy Cruiser Catapults Set in 1:350 scale, AC350-39 you get not only the catapults in highly detailed photo-etch, but also the turntables, ducts and pistons in highly detailed resin to further enhance the three-dimensional look. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Grumman Avenger TBM-3 W Early Warning Aircraft, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Set AC350-60 - L'Arsenal aircraft set AC350-60 provides five resin and photo-etch Grumman Avenger TBM-3 W early warning aircraft. Resin parts are included for the aircraft, main wheels and the extra vertical stabilizers added to the tail. Photo-etch parts are for the propeller, landing gear and tail wheels. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Fairey Firefly, Royal Navy Fighter, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Set AC700-11 - Now you can stock the decks of your RN carriers with Fireflies. L'Arsenal has produced the aircraft in 1:700 scale. With set AC700-11 you get ten fireflies with the aircraft in resin and propellers, wheel struts and tail wheels in brass. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Fairey Swordfish, British Torpedo Bombers, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Set AC700-12 - You have seen other Stringbag resin and photo-etch sets from L'Arsenal but those were in larger scales. Now Jacques has these excellent miniatures in 1:700 scale, just perfect for your FAA. Now if there were some RN carriers for them....oh wait....Jacques has a couple of them as well. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) F6F Grumman Hellcats, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, AC700-07 - Another of the new 1:700 scale resin and brass aircraft sets released by L'Arsenal is the mainstay of the USN fighter force in World War Two, the Grumman F6F Hellcat. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) SB2C Helldivers, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, AC700-08 - L'Arsenal has produced three new sets of 1:700 scale World War Two USN aircraft. Set AC700-08 provides ten resin and brass SB2C Helldivers. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Sky Lookout Positions, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, AC350-52 - If you are looking for the last detail for your 1:350 scale warship, you might do well to consider this accessory set from L'Arsenal. AC350-52 provides ten sky lookout positions in resin and brass. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) French Battleship Catapults, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale AC400-33 - Voila! Marveilleuse! L’Arsenal does it again! With AC400-33, French Battleship Catapults, the company from Normandie again proves that accessories from this French company are among the best in the world. President Sarkozy, as Grand Master of the Légion d'honneur, it is time to recognize the excellence of L'Arsenal
redball.gif (371 bytes) US GMC Deuce & a Half Trucks, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Do you need deck cargo for your 1:350 scale Liberty Ship? Do you need some pier side equipment for your harbor diorama? L'Arsenal has a perfect accessory for any such occasion. This takes the for of L'Arsenal set AC350-48 with ten GMC cargo trucks. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Forecastle Replacement for the Tamiya Missouri, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Anyone familiar with the products of Jacques Druel and L’Arsenal knows that this French company specializes in 1:350 scale USN fittings, even more than the warships of France. Well the French Connection has heard the anguished cries of modelers of the Tamiya Missouri and produced an upgrade set specifically for that kit. Now modelers can come out of the wilderness and into the light with a multimedia replacement forecastle for the Mighty Mo.
redball.gif (371 bytes) La Fayette, French Frigate 1:400 Scale Detail Set for the Heller Kit, from L'Arsenal - Today is June 6, 2004 and sixty years ago, British, Canadians, Free French and Americans landed on the beaches of Normandy to free Europe from fascist tyranny. Although it would be entirely appropriate to review a subject that was present for Operation Overlord, it is equally appropriate on June 6 to review a model warship from the location of the invasion, Normandy. L’Arsenal of Normandie, more specifically the Caen area, British AO for Monty and Operation Goodwood, now produces a resin and brass detailing set for the Heller La Fayette. Do you need one for your frigate, only you can answer that but the photographs of the new parts will speak for themselves. Review by Steve Backer. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Oerlikon 20mm Gun Tubs & Ammunition Lockers, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - L'Arsenal has the solution for adding 20mm gun tubs with detail set AC350-24. This set contains ten resin 20mm gun tubs, twenty ammunition lockers divided equally between two types of design and a stainless steel photo-etch fret of 40 ammunition locker lids, again equally divided in two different styles. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Corsairs, F4U Fighters in Resin and Brass, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - What if you have a 1:700 scale aircraft carrier and you wish to decorate the deck with excellent scale F4Us. Now with L'Arsenal set AC700-06 you have the opportunity to cram the deck with Corsairs. It doesn't matter if it is USN, RN or a French carrier, as they all used the Chance-Vought bent wing "Whistling Death". L'Arsenal provides ten superbly cast resin F4U fighters with a brass fret containing three bladed propellers and landing gear. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) US Navy 1.1-Inch Quadruple AA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Don't let your model of Lexington or any other model mounting the 1.1-inch Chicago Pianos, get a red card from the IPMS judges. With L'Arsenal resin and brass 1:350 scale USN 1.1-inch AA guns, your build will stay in the game until the end with enough energy and snap to win the sudden-death tiebreakers of competition. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Eurocopter Dauphin SA-365, L’Arsenal 1:350 Scale - L’Arsenal set AC350-32 includes resin and photo-etch parts for four 1:350 scale Eurocopter Dauphin SA-365. The bodies with wheel wells open, are one-piece resin parts, while a stainless steel photo-etch fret provides 47 fine steel parts. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) 25-Man Flotation Rafts, 1:350 Scale, L’Arsenal - If you want the best 1:350 scale carleys on the market for your ship, perhaps you should consider accessory set AC350-30 from L’Arsenal. This set contains resin and photo-etch for completion of twenty 25-man balsa rafts. The body of each raft is resin with a photo-etch bottom. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Fairey Swordfish, British Torpedo Bombers, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale - L'Arsenal has released a beautiful set of Fairey Swordfish in 1:400 scale. This set provides for resin and stainless steel photo-etch parts for five of these famous Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (FAA) torpedo bombers. Four can be built with wings extended and one with wings folded. Detail included relief etched photo-etch wings and even resin torpedoes with photo-etch fins.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bofors Twin 40mm AA Gun Tubs & Ammunition Racks, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - L'Arsenal has long been known as one of the leading producers of multimedia models and super-detail parts to augment scratch-built kits and the models produced by other manufacturers. This item is a package of super-detail parts for the Bofors twin 40mm AA gun tubs in 1:350 scale.
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN Mk 37 Mod. 17 Five-Inch Fire Directors with Mk 12 & Mk 22 Radars, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - This set provides five Mk 37 Mod 17 fire control directors found on almost every warship of the USN that carried a five-inch gun in World War Two. This version has significant differences in the shape of the housing from the initial Mk 37. The five resin directors come with a full brass fret with Mk 12 radars with frames and Mk 22 late war radars. AC350-28 is from L'Arsenal  in 1:350 Scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Arado 196, Kriegsmarine Reconnaissance Floatplane, 1:350 Scale from L'Arsenal - This set, AC 350-27, contains two 1:350 scale Arado 196 floatplanes that were the standard reconnaissance aircraft carried by warships of the Kriegsmarine during World War Two. Each aircraft is comprised of three resin parts and five brass parts. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Coconut Trees in 1:350 Scale from L'Arsenal - After a night of too much potent Norman cider, the boys from Normandie have broken through the bocage in search of rum laced Pina Coladas. Since coconut trees are rather scarce in Normandy, L'Arsenal has made their own with this 1:350 scale detail set. Set 350-26 includes resin and brass parts for two super detailed coconut trees, less the coconuts, which went into the Pina Coladas. Perfect for tropical dioramas. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) 26-Foot USN Whaleboats, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - This pack in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal provides parts for four 26-foot USN Whaleboats. The hull is resin and the brass photo-etch fret provides seven brass detail parts for each boat. Optional parts are provided for closed deck boats. AC 350-18 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Mk 37 USN Fire Control Director with Mk 4 & Mk 22 Radars - The culmination of pre-war gunnery director designs for the USN, the Mk 37 was designed from the start to fit radars. These are photographs of the new super-detailed resin and brass photo-etch Mk 37 directors in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal
redball.gif (371 bytes) LCVP Landing Craft - One of the newest super-detail sets in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal is a set of five LCVP landing craft. Each of the five boats in the package comes with two resin and eight photo-etched brass parts. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Mk 37 Director with Mk 12 & Mk 22 Radars - The culmination of pre-war gunnery director designs for the USN, the Mk 37 was designed from the start to fit radars. These are photographs of the prototype resin and brass photo-etch Mk 37 director in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal
redball.gif (371 bytes) Mk 51 AA Directors - A crucial part of the Anti-aircraft system of the USN at the end of World War Two was the Mk 51 AA director. L'Arsenal now produces a super-detail set of Mk 51s in 1:350 scale. This set comes with the parts for ten Mk 51 directors. Parts are in resin and brass. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) LCVP Landing Craft - A look at a prototype of the LCVP Landing Craft in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal. Each craft consists of ten pieces, two in resin and eight in brass. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) New accessories from L'Arsenal are seen in the July 2002 Update. Now available are the long awaited Bofors Quad 40mm 1:350 (six per pack), Breguet Alize, modern French ASW aircraft 1:400 (five per pack), and F4U Corsair Four Bladed Propeller 1:400 (five per pack).
Lion Roar
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Late War Carrier Aircraft, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - With the Lion Roar 1:700 scale Late War IJN Carrier Aircraft set provides 18 of the late war IJN aircraft. Included are six each of the Judy and Jill and three each of the Zero and Myrt. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Early War Carrier Aircraft, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - With Lion Roar set L70002 the company has jumped to injected plastic for 1:700 IJN carrier aircraft for the early period of the Second World War. In this set you get six each of the Type 21 Mitsubishi Zero, Type 97 Nakajima Kate, and Type 99 Aichi Val.
Nautilus Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Gurnard SS-254, Gato Class Fall 1942 Conversion Set, Nautilus Models 1:144 Scale -   In Nautilus Models continuing quest to provide unusual conversion sets to provide further interesting and unusual variations of injected plastic kits, the USS Gurnard 1:144 scale presents another good example. With this conversion set, the USS Gurnard with a new 4-inch deck gun and fore and aft Oerlikon 20mm AA gun platforms on the sail, the set allows the modeler to represent the first upgrade of the gun armament of the Gato class. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Thresher SS-200 Detail Set, Nautilus Models 1:144 Scale - Nautilus Models provides another unique product designed to modify an existing plastic kit. This time it is a conning tower and 5-inch/51 deck gun to convert the Trumpeter 1:144 scale Gato class submarine to a T class USS Thresher SS-200. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Lexington CV-2, Battle of Coral Sea, Wooden Flight Deck, Nautilus Models 1:350 Scale - Nautilus Models was very fast in the preparation and production of a complete wooden laser cut deck for replacing the plastic flight deck of the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Lexington kit. This deck is prepared for the time period of April 14 through May 8, 1942, which is her appearance at the Battle of the Coral Sea when she was lost.
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN Fleet Submarine Wooden Decks for the Revell 1:178 Scale USS Lionfish - Nautilus Models is at it again with their release of five new wooden decks. This time the decks are designed to fit the Revell 1:178 scale USS Lionfish. The five different decks are for three boats of the Gato  Class with USS Gato SS-212 January 1942, USS Bluefish SS-222 summer 1943 and USS Harder SS-257 summer 1944 and two Balao Class boats with USS Balao SS-285 in 1942 and USS Icefish SS-367 summer 1944
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Hornet CV-8, Wooden Flight Deck, Nautilus Models 1:350 Scale - The Chainsaw is buzzing again with a new wooden deck to follow the success of the deck for the Revell 1:72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat. This time the deck, made from laser cut bass wood, is designed to fit the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit of the USS Hornet CV-8. This deck, which is also available for the Yorktown/Enterprise variant, is from Nautilus Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) Type VII U-Boat Wooden Deck & Resin Fittings Set, Nautilus Models 1:72 Scale for the Revell U-Boat Kit - One of the first after market super-detail sets for the Revell of Germany 1:72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat is this set from Nautilus Models. The set comes with completely new laser cut wooden decks, plus resin fittings, designed to replace the same parts on the kit. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Yorktown/Enterprise Conversion Set in 1:350 - Nautilus Models has produced a 1:350 scale conversion set for the Trumpeter USS Hornet CV-8. The set includes the island details, guns and gun houses to model the USS Yorktown CV-5 or USS Enterprise CV-6
Regia Marina
redball.gif (371 bytes) Meridionali Ro.43, Italian Navy Floatplanes, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale - The Meridionali Ro.43 floatplane was the most common type of reconnaissance aircraft carried aboard the battleships and cruisers of the Regia Marina during World War Two. The Italian company Regia Marina now produces an accessory packet which includes three Ro.43 floatplanes in 1:700 scale. Each of the three biplanes is comprised of twelve parts, four in resin and eight in stainless steel. 
RP Productions
redball.gif (371 bytes) RP Productions Flip-R Photo-Etch Bending Tools - RB Productions of West Cork, Ireland, produces two types of folding tools for photo-etch. These are tools R5 and R10. Both are produced in high strength stainless steel. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Warship Equipment, Skywave/Pitroad Set # 8, 1:700 Scale - Skywave/Pitroad offers a series of equipment sets for the World War Two warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Set 8 features late war IJN equipment.
Starfighter Aircraft
redball.gif (371 bytes) Crusader F8U, The Last Gun Fighter, Starfighter Decals' Resin Aircraft 1:540 Scale - The 1956 Revell  Forrestal surely could have used some Crusaders, the hottest fighter in 1960. You still can find the early Revell kits of Forrestal and Essex class carriers at somewhat reasonable prices and now you can add all the Crusaders you want with Starfighter Models Pro1 set of resin 1:540 scale Crusaders. Each pack comes with six aircraft, plus decal sheet. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Big Oily Beasts, Douglas A-1 Skyraiders, Starfighter Decals' Resin Aircraft 1:540 Scale - Big Oily Beasts, these resin aircraft models of the Douglas A-1 Skraiders come with excellent decals and are designed to populate your Revell 1:540 scale carrier decks with Crazy Water Buffaloes. These Able Dogs will certainly outshine any of the kit supplied aircraft in markings alone. With Starfighter Pro2 A-1 Skyraiders you to can join ATKRON-145 in a rousing chorus of "Spads Forever". 
Tom's Modelworks
redball.gif (371 bytes) Lightning P-38 & Thunderbolt P-47 Deck Cargo, Toms Modelworks 1:350 Scale - All right Gyrenes! I know! Your tried and true F4Fs just don’t have the range to reach up to Bougainville to go after Yamamoto. What we need for this mission is a bird with long legs. What we need for this mission is a bird that packs a punch. What we need for this mission is the Lockheed Lightning. Since neither the USN nor the USMC operates them, we’ll have to call in the USAAF pukes! Call in the Lightnings! Toms Modelworks now supplies two P-38s and two P-47s in a special set, TMWD006, as deck cargo for the 1:350 scale Liberty Ship models.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) & Soft Skin Vehicles from WWII, Tom's Modelworks 1:350 Scale - Whatever your World War Two cargo needs, Tom's Modelworks probably has something that you are looking for with either or both of these 1:350 scale accessory packets. One is TMWD004 and consists of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) although a couple of soft skin Jeeps are thrown in. The second package TMWD005 is labeled as soft skin vehicles, although as with the hard skin vehicle package, it is a mixed bag in that it includes a few armored vehicles like the M-8 & M-20 armored cars and the White Scout Car. 
Voyager Model
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Ventilator Fittings, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale VND0308 -With Voyager Model you get one stop shopping for a world of IJN fittings. Fittings set VND0308 happens to include seven resin runner of ventilators of various shapes.
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 17-Meter Motor Pinnace, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale VND0303 - Voyager Model produces the 17m Motor Pinnace in 1:350 scale VND0303 with even more detail than the 1:700 scale version. Like its smaller brother this little kit has a resin hull with brass detail. Since 1:350 scale has eight times the mass of 1:700 scale, you'll find this big brother packed with detail. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 9 Meter Oared Cutters, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0304 - The Fujimi 1:350 scale Kongo includes 350 crew figures. How are they all going to take liberty in your 1:350 scale Yokasuka? The officers are sure to grab the motor launches but the ratings need liberty as well. Voyager Model has provided the answer with their resin and brass set VND0304, which includes three 9-Meter oar powered cutters in 1:350 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 11 Meter Motor Pinnace with Cabin, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0305 - Voyager Model has two versions of the 11 meter motor pinnace of the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1:350 scale. One version  has an open cockpit in the rear and with the version seen here there is a cabin VND0305
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 17 Meter Motor Pinnace, Voyager Model 1:700 Scale, Set VNC0311 - Unhappy because all of the new Imperial Japanese Navy goodies from Voyager Model seem to be in 1:350 scale and not 1:700? Well Voyager Model is covering the 1:700 Japanese Navy as well. Here is a 17 meter pinnace in 1:700 scale, Voyager Model VNC0311.  
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 11 Meter Motor Pinnace, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0306 - Voyager Model has just the solution to the perplexing problem of our young snotty trying to visit the geishas, the 11-meter motor pinnace. Not as big as those big boats used by senior officers and yet motor powered to whisk you in speed to your high quality rendezvous ashore, Voyager VND0306 provides one resin and brass 11-meter motor pinnace. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Deck Windlass, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0307 - With all of the new 1:350 scale models of Imperial Japanese Navy warships released, the Voyager Model set VND0307 will be in high demand. This set provides twelve resin and brass windlasses with six each in two different styles. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 12 Meter Open Motor Launch, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0309 - Now there are even more opportunities to upgrade your IJN kit with the extensive line of Voyager Model resin and brass upgrade sets. Voyager Model set VND0309 features one IJN 1:350 scale 12 meter open motor launch. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Binocular Mounts, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0312 - Voyager Model has produced a resin and brass set of the binocular mounts used by Japanese warships of World War Two. Voyager set VND0312 provides three large binocular mounts and three small binocular mounts in 1:350 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Large Searchlights, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale, Set VND0314 - With Voyager Model set VND0314 you get four resin and brass large IJN searchlights in 1:350 scale. These beauts are far more detailed than any others and are just right for those furious night fights off Guadalcanal. 
White Ensign Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) 40mm Bofor's Ammunition Racks, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Set PE 3591 - For those modelers who wish to model the Tamiya 1:350 scale model of the USS Missouri to the Nth degree, White Ensign Models has produced a brass photo-etch set of the ammunition racks that lined the interiors of the Bofor 40mm positions of the battleship. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Torpedo Loading Set WEM #7211 and Extra Torpedo Set WEM #7212, White Ensign Models 1:72 Scale - Two more super-detail accessory packets for the Revell-Germany 1:72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat have been produced by White Ensign Models. The torpedo loading set WEM #7211 allows for a diorama of the crucial operation of loading torpedoes into the U-Boat and WEM #7212 provides for extra fish for those wishing to maximize their torpedo loading. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bits from Britain, Three New 1:350 Scale Packets from White Ensign Models - There has been a demand for White Ensign Models to release detailing parts in 1:350 scale for modern USN warships. WEM has responded with two Professional 350 parts packets, one of the US five-inch/54 gun & one of the Phalanx CIWS, and one Flightdeck 350 helicopter packet with two Kaman SH-2F Seasprite ASW helicopters.
Wiener Modellbau Manufactur
redball.gif (371 bytes) Officers & Sailors Injected Figures, Wiener Modellbau Manufactur 1:350 Scale - The product seen here is a set of twelve injected officers and sailors in 1:350 scale produced by Wiener Modellbau Manufactur. You receive two identical sprues of six sailors. Detail is outstanding on these miniatures and you can even make out the binoculars in the right hand of one figure. 
Yankee Modelworks
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Indiana BB58 1942, Conversion Set, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale - With Yankee Modelworks USS Indiana BB58 1942 YKM-3013 conversion set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale models of Alabama or Massachusetts, any modeler can now build the Rodney Dangerfield of the class. Whether it is the Indiana in the historically correct blue-gray spectrum of Measure 12 Modified, or as that urban myth, the Green Battleship of the Pacific for those budding Impressionists out there, the YMW Indiana provides the canvas upon which to paint your masterpiece.
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS South Dakota BB57, Conversion Set, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale - With Yankee Modelworks USS South Dakota BB57 YKM-3014 conversion set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale models of Alabama or Massachusetts, any modeler can now build the unique lead ship of the class. Whether it is the "Dirty Dick" blazing away at Japanese aircraft at Santa Cruz or engaging the Japanese Navy in a bar room brawl off of Guadalcanal, now the South Dakota can be captured in all her 1:350 scale glory.