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redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Hood 15-Inch Gun Brass Barrels, Aber 1:700 Scale, Aber Sets L-08 & L-09 - Aber from Poland has produced two different sets of turned brass barrels for 1:700 scale HMS Hood kits. Which one you get depends upon if the kit turrets have blast bags or don't have them. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) 16-Inch/45 Brass Barrels, B&B 1:350 Scale, Review by Dave Judy - Dave Judy looks at the B&B 16-Inch/45 Mk6 brass barrels for his North Carolina. These are the newest on B&B's list and they are for the 1/350 scale North Carolina, Washington, South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Alabama
B&D Barrels
redball.gif (371 bytes) 8-Inch Brass Barrels for the Trumpeter Admiral Hipper Class Cruisers, B&D Barrels 1:350 Scale - With the Trumpeter 1:350 scale release of the Prinz Eugen in 1945 fit in September and the imminent arrival of their 1:350 scale Admiral Hipper, it is the perfect time to consider how you will further enhance these big cruiser kits with B&D brass barrels. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Brass Barrels for the Glencoe USS Oregon in 1:225 Scale, B&D Barrels - The cavalry has arrived in the form of a multi-gun machined brass barrel set designed specifically for the kit by B & D Barrels. The gangs all here! You get all of these big barrel delights in 1:225 scale with all necessary brass barrels for 13-inch/35, 8-inch/35, and 6-inch/40 guns. 
Corsair Armada
redball.gif (371 bytes) Five-Inch/38 USN DP Single Gun Enclosed Mount, 1:350 Scale by Corsair Armada - Corsair Armada has now branched out into 1:350 scale. Long known for excellent kits in 1:700 scale, this set in 1:350 scale provides eight 5-Inch/38 USN DP Single Gun Enclosed Mounts with base rings. With eight turrets and base rings, with a choice of five different barrel styles and a brass photo-etch fret of over 100 parts, Corsair Armada provides a great deal for the modeler. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Corsair Armada Detail Parts - In addition to selling complete kits, Corsair Armada also sells detailed weaponry for modelers that wish to upgrade other kits. Bill Smallshaw looks at the 1:700 scale detail parts sets from Corsair Armada for the 20mm Oerlikon, 5-Inch/25 Open Mount and 5-Inch/38 Open Mount
Flagship Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) 13-Inch Seacoast Mortar, Flagship Models 1:32 Scale - Who needs chariots to reduce the rebs to submission when the Flagship 1:32 13-Inch Seacoast Mortar can do the job single handedly. With this heavy ordnance, you can quickly reduce any of those Confederate forts guarding a rebel port, seize the port and promptly end the nefarious blockade running. Jefferson Davis will be groveling in no time.
Flyhawk Model
redball.gif (371 bytes) Royal Navy 4-Inch (102mm) MK XII Brass Barrels, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700076 - Flyhawk Model is well known for their numerous relief-etched brass frets. However, Flyhawk also produces an expanding series of turned brass barrels and fittings. This is Flyhawk set FH-700076, which provides nine Royal Navy 4-Inch (102mm) MK XII guns in 1:700 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Oerlikon Twin 20mm AA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Set AC350-59 - L'Arsenal makes a superb set of Oerlikon twin 20mm AA guns in 1:350 scale. The advantage of this L’Arsenal product, AC350-59, is that it is in truly three dimensions. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN 14-Inch/50 Brass Barrels, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Who produces brass battleship barrels in 1:350 scale? Voila! L'Arsenal! One of the many new accessory products coming from Normandy is this set of twelve 14-Inch/50 brass barrels. Numbered AC350-61 you receive all the main gun barrels that you need for a model of any of the California or New Mexico class battleships. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN 5-Inch/25 Open Mount HA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Battleships, cruisers, carriers, destroyers ... almost all types of warships of the USN in World War Two had the 5-Inch/25 HA gun mounted for the heavy antiaircraft ordnance. Modelers have incessantly sought a replacement of this gun for a wide variety of plastic and resin kits in 1:350 scale. L'Arsenal has now responded with L'Arsenal set AC350-36
redball.gif (371 bytes) US Navy 1.1-Inch Quadruple AA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Don't let your model of Lexington or any other model mounting the 1.1-inch Chicago Pianos, get a red card from the IPMS judges. With L'Arsenal resin and brass 1:350 scale USN 1.1-inch AA guns, your build will stay in the game until the end with enough energy and snap to win the sudden-death tiebreakers of competition. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Five-Inch/38 USN DP Single Gun Open Mount, 1:350 Scale by L'Arsenal - This first version of the classic USN 5-Inch/38 DP gun was used in the Yorktown Class, Wasp and Essex Class aircraft carriers, as well as numerous CVEs, one heavy cruiser and many mid-wars USN destroyer classes. L'Arsenal produces an 1:350 scale set of detailed 5-Inch/38 open mount guns, that come four per pack. Far superior to the plastic parts provided in the Trumpeter Hornet, Essex, Yorktown (II) and Franklin 1:350 carrier kits, every modeler building one of these kits should seriously consider this set to replace the parts in the kit. AC 350-21 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Brass Barrels for the USN Five-Inch/38 in 1:350 Scale - Jacques Druel has now produced another "Must Have" for the modeler who wishes to super-detail his 1:350 USN warship. L'Arsenal now sells packs of ten five-inch/38 gun barrels in 1:350 scale, just perfect for your Fletcher, Essex or just about any warship that carried the classic USN single or twin enclosed mounts. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN Twin Five-Inch/38 DP Mk 32 Gun Mounts - USN designs of World War Two used the twin 5-inch/38 DP gun mounts wherever possible. This Dual Purpose design was probably the best medium AA gun of the war. L'Arsenal has a super-detail set, AC 350-13 that contains five gun mounts with optional barrels, with or without blast bags. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bofors 40mm Twin Mounts - At the end of World War Two in the face of the Kamikaze threat, if the United States Navy could not fit a quad Bofors on a warship, they would use twin Bofors mounts. L'Arsenal now produces a super-detail pack of twin 40mm Bofors. This set in brass and resin, comes with parts for six twin 40mm Bofors mounts. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Five-Inch/38 Single Gun Mounts from L'Arsenal - This set of fully enclosed gun mounts comes with 15 resin parts, 5 gun mounts, 5 barrels with blast bags and 5 barrels without blast bags. Produced by L'Arsenal in 1:350 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) New accessories from L'Arsenal are seen in the July 2002 Update. Now available are the long awaited Bofors Quad 40mm 1:350 (six per pack), Breguet Alize, modern French ASW aircraft 1:400 (five per pack), and F4U Corsair Four Bladed Propeller 1:400 (five per pack).
Lion Roar
redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Hood Resin Turrets & Brass Barrels Set, Lion Roar 1:350 Scale - If you just want replacement turrets and brass barrels to replace the goofs included in the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Hood kit, Lion Roar has addressed your need. Lion Roar set LE350007 includes just the resin main gun turrets and brass barrels to replace the plastic caricature items in the Trumpeter kit. Now you can use any manufacturer's brass photo-etch detail set for the kit and still get replacement turrets and barrels from Lion Roar without buying their full detail set. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 14-Inch/45 Brass Barrels Set, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - Here is a new brass barrel set in 1:700 scale from Lion Roar, set LE700041. This time it is the Japanese 14-Inch/45 guns found on the Kongo, Fuso and Ise class battleships/battle cruisers. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Yamato Main Gun Brass Barrels and Turret Brass Photo-Etch Fret, Lion Roar 1:350 Scale - The Lion Roar 1:350 scale brass set for the Yamato main gun turrets, LE350005 expands upon the concept that the company introduced for brass barrels and turret detail in 1:700 scale. Not only does the modeler receive brass barrels but also gets a more than generous amount of relief-etched detail in the accompanying brass photo-etch fret. Lion Roar has produced an excellent product. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Iowa Class, USN Battleship Brass Barrels Set, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - In 1:700 scale the Iowa class has made appearances in many versions from World War Two to the late 1980s. Radar, superstructure, aircraft complement, light AA may have changed but they always had their 16-inch/50 main armament. Whether your Iowa class will be tackling the Yamato or pounding ground positions, you will need your big guns. Lion Roar has produced a new set of brass gun barrels for the Iowa class, set LE700022.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bismarck Class, German Battleship Brass Barrels, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - Within the last year a lot of new 1:700 scale kits of the Bismarck and Tirpitz have been released. For Atlantic action the Kriegsmarine could use new barrels for the Bismarck class battleships. Lion Roar produces a set of brass barrels that will definitely enhance your Bismarck and Tirpitz. Included in Lion Roar set LE700021 are eight brass barrels and a brass fret of turret details. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Yamato Class, Japanese Battleship Brass Barrels, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - If you want a real treat, consider the new product of brass barrels from Lion Roar for the Yamato Class in 1:700 scale, set LE700020. Brass barrels have been around for some time but with the barrels from Lion Roar you get an added bonus, a photo-etch fret. 
Loose Cannon Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) 1.1-Inch USN AA Guns, Resin Chicago Pianos, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale - "I am Spartacus!" This of course is the Loose Cannon code for "Yes, we have resin Chicago Pianos!" Loose Cannon set LCW002 includes five 1.1-inch quadruple AA mounts in resin in 1:700 scale.  
Master Model
redball.gif (371 bytes) US 3-Inch/50 Gun Barrels, Master Model 1:350 Scale, Review By Felix Bustelo - The Polish company Master Models has added the US 3”/50 gun to its 1/350 scale brass barrels offerings. The barrels are sold in packages of 12 which enables to you fit several kits. Review by Felix Bustelo
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Arizona Brass Barrel Set, Master Model 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Mini-Hobbies and most recently the Hobby Boss label have released an 1:350 Scale USS Arizona and there are plenty of photo-etch sets out there to help overcome the kits' shortcomings.  So with some good modeling skills and good brass you would make a winner of this kit with a bit of work and TLC. Now some additional help as arrived with the Master Model USS Arizona barrel set.
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN 5-Inch/25 (127mm) Gun Barrels, Master Model 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Master Models has an impressive and growing inventory of barrels marketed in their Sea Masters Series in the two major scales - 1/350 and 1/700.  One of their more recent offerings is a set of 1/350 scale 5”/25 barrels sold in packages of 14.  These barrels were originally available only as part of their USS San Francisco set but they are now sold separately. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Oliver Hazard Perry Brass 76mm/62 Gun and Antennas, Master Model 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Academy 1/350 Scale plastic kit of the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate was generally well received and it garnered very positive reviews. Injection-molded gun barrels and antennas typically are a little over scale due to the limitations in the process.  To help address this, Master Models has released a set comprising of a turned brass 76mm/62 OTO-Melara gun barrels and five antennas. From the heart of the Financial District in Downtown Manhattan Felix "The Enforcer" Bustelo presents this review of the Master Model set. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Japanese 18.1-Inch (460mm) Metal Barrels, Master Model 1:350 Scale - If you are building the biggest of the big, the Tamiya Yamato or Mushashi, Master Model may have just the upgrade that you need. Master Model SM-350-005 contains nine aluminum barrels for the 18.1-inch (460mm) main guns. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) German 15-Inch/380mm and 4.1-inch/105mm Heavy AA gun Metal Models, 1:350 Scale - Produced in Poland, these Master Model packs provide eight turned metal barrels for either Bismarck or Tirpitz. The second pack provides sixteen turned brass barrels for the earlier C/31 Bismarck only, or for the Scharnhorst class, Hipper class or the Panzerschiffes
redball.gif (371 bytes) Italian Eight-Inch (203mm) Cruiser Turned Brass Barrels, NNT 1:700 Scale - Any 1:700 scale model of an Italian heavy cruiser could benefit from this set of turned brass barrels for Italian 8-inch (203mm) cruisers, released by NNT as their barrel set B21. The set of eight barrels will outfit one cruiser and was produced for NNT by Schatton Modellbau and of course comes with drilled out muzzles. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) German WWI Brass Barrels for 210mm, 350mm and 380mm Guns, Plus Tapered Conical Masts, NNT 1:700 Scale - Do you need the best in brass accessories for your 1:700 scale High Seas Fleet. If so, NNT has a whole line of brass barrels for the German warships of World War One. Here are the three newest barrel sets from NNT
redball.gif (371 bytes) Brass Barrels in 1:700 Scale from NNT - Many modelers do not realize that there is an extensive range of brass barrels that are produced by NNT. The following photographs show nine of the types of barrels that are currently available from NNT in this ever increasing range of quality products. Most barrels have the muzzles bored out. This photographic review shows nine different gun barrels, from the British 15-Inch to the German 5.9-Inch. The 5.9-Inch (150mm) and 6-Inch (152mm) guns appear to come 12 per bag, while the larger guns appear to be 10 per bag. However, check the NNT web site for the exact count per gun type. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) 28cm Coastal Gun Battery - The newest 1:700 kit from NNT is a 28cm (11-Inch) gun battery & bunker. This models one of the triple 11-Inch gun turrets removed from Gneisenau in 1942 and transported to Norway for coastal defense. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Five-Inch/38 DP Enclosed Turrets, Single & Twin, Plus 26-Foot USN Motor Whaleboat, Paper-Lab 1:350 Scale - From the Great White North comes a new producer of 1:350 scale resin warship model accessories. Paper-Lab of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has produced seven different sets of accessory packs for 1:350 scale USN models. Two are of the 5-inch/38 DP twin mount, three of the 5-inch/38 DP single mount and two different types of 26-foot motor whaleboat. 
Regia Marina
redball.gif (371 bytes) Metal Barrels for the Vittorio Veneto Class, Regia Marina 1:350 Scale - Regia Marina has produced turned metal barrels in 1:350 scale for the 15-inch and 6-inch guns of the Italian battleships of the Vittorio Veneto class. The barrels can be purchased in sets of just the main 15-inch guns, sets of just the secondary 6-inch guns, or a combined set of both types of guns.  
Steve's C'n'C Barrels
redball.gif (371 bytes) Model Barrels, Steve's CNC Cut Brass Replacement Barrels - Although there are a number of manufacturers that produce brass barrels in 1:700 scale, where do you go to find ordnance in a larger scale? The answer is Model Barrels, Steve Nuttall's emporium of excellent ordnance. This article examines two sets of 1:350 brass barrels from Model Barrels, the Royal Navy 12-Inch/45 Mk X and 15-Inch/42 Mk I.
Veteran Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN Twin 3-Inch/50 AA Open Mounts & MK-56 Directors. Veteran Models 1:700 Scale, VTM 70001 - Veteran Models products are of uniformly  superb quality. Item by item Veteran produces supremely detailed scaled weapons and fittings and their USN Twin 3-Inch/50 VTM 70001 mounts starts the fine tradition. Included are resin and brass parts for four of the twin mounts. The bases are spectacular and all resin parts are excellent. Also included are four resin with photo-etch details  MK-56 directors  for the guns.  
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Type 89 127mm/40 Twin DP Gun Mounts, Veteran Models, VTM 35031 - If you have any of the latest influx of kits of Japanese heavy ships in 1:350 scale, this product from Veteran Models should be of great interest. This multi-media accessory in 1:350 scale provides four Type 89 Twin 127mm/40 dual purpose gun mounts. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN Twin 3-Inch/50 AA Mounts, Veteran Model 1:350 Scale VTM 35001 - The USN decided to replace the quadruple with twin automatic twin 3-inch/50. By the late 1940s and early 1950s this AA system made its appearance on different classes of US warships. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Of Harpoons & Helicopters, Modern USN Detail Parts, Veteran Model 1:350 Scale - Very few modelers have heard of Veteran Model, unless you happen to live in Taiwan. Although Veteran Model is from Taiwan and started in specializing in producing 1:700 Scale Models of the warships of the Republic of China. They are also considering doing packages of Modern USN parts in 1:350 scale.
Voyager Model
redball.gif (371 bytes) USN 5-Inch (127mm) Mk 28 Mod 4 Twin Gun Turrets, Voyager Model 1:700 Scale, VNC0503 - Perhaps you are unhappy with the plastic twin 5-inch/38 turrets included in your latest WWII USN kit. If so, you may consider Voyager Model detail set VNC0503 for 5-Inch (127mm) Mk 28 Mod 4 turrets. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Type 96 Triple 25mm AA Gun Mounts, Voyager Model VND0503 - Do you have any of the new 1:350 scale Takao class Japanese heavy cruiser kits from Aoshima? If so, Voyager Model has a super-detail resin and brass ordnance set, which will really pump up this gun mount. Voyager Model set VND0503 contains parts for six of the Type 96 triple 25mm AA cannons. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN Takso Class Turret Replacement Set, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale VND0502 - If you want more than than just the brass barrels for the Takao class heavy cruisers in 1:350 scale, as seen in Voyager Model Set VND0703, Voyager Model also produces at set of resin and brass photo-etch for replacement of all five turrets. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN 203mm/50 Nendo Brass Barrels for the Takao Class, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale - Voyager Model set VND0703 provides for ten turned brass barrels for the Imperial Japanese Navy 203mm/50 Nendo main gun barrels for the Takao class heavy cruisers in 1:350 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Modern USN 5-Inch/62 Mk 45 Mod 4 Gun Mount, Voyager Model 1:350 Scale - Another new ordnance set from Voyager Model is this 1:350 scale resin and brass modern USN 5-Inch/62 Mk 45 Mod 4 gun mount. The package states that it is for a Arleigh Burke Flight IIA destroyer kit. 
White Ensign Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) Quadruple Barreled Royal Navy Pom-Poms, PRO 3508, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale - Do you need superior quadruple Pom-Poms for a 1:350 scale Royal Navy warship model? The answer to your needs is as close as a quick e-mail to White Ensign Models. This venerable company has now produced a accessory pack which provides three resin and brass quadruple Pom-Poms in 1:350 scale, WEM PRO 3508
redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Hood, Resin Replacement Turrets, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale - White Ensign Models WEM PRO 3510 of resin replacement turrets for the 1:350 scale Trumpeter HMS Hood corrects the blatant flaws of the Trumpeter turrets. However, WEM did not stop there. They have also included details and options not seen in any other Hood turret in any scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Eight Barreled Royal Navy Pom-Poms, Pro 3509, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale - White Ensign Models does produce beautiful all brass 8-barreled pom-pom mounts, however, their resin and brass Pro3509 mounts go one further measure. As good as photo-etch can be, and WEM photo-etch is as good as it gets, it can never quite capture round shapes, such as gun barrels. WEM Pro3509 provides three Royal Navy eight barreled pom-poms in 1:350 scale that is unmatched in quality and detail from any source. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) 40mm Single Bofors Gun Mk 3, White Ensign Models 1:144 Scale - Does your 1:144 scale Gato need new artillery to swat away those bothersome Emilys, Jakes, Rufes, etc? Your 5-inch may be too slow in the firing rate, and your 20mm Oerlikon may have too short a range. The White Ensign Models 40mm Bofors Gun Mk 3, single gun mount is the answer for your AA needs. With WEM PE 14405, any Gato skipper will get a good range with a high firing rate. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) 20mm Single Oerlikon AA Gun, White Ensign Models 1:144 Scale - You would think that the White Ensign Models Ordnance Factory was running at top speed already but they are still up to producing new and much needed designs. The WEM 1:144 scale single 20mm Oerlikons set, WEM PE 14406, provides two white metal and brass guns with optional base mounts.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Five-Inch/25 Deck Gun, White Ensign Models 1:144 Scale - With fifteen parts supplied for one gun by White Ensign Models, any modeler can be assured of an extremely detailed 5-inch/25 deck gun for their 1:144 scale Gato fleet submarine. WEM PE set 14404 is just one of a series of ordnance manufactured by WEM in this scale, which allows a number of fittings for the Gato
redball.gif (371 bytes) Four-Inch/50 Deck Gun, White Ensign Models 1:144 Scale - With fourteen parts supplied for one gun by White Ensign Models, any modeler can be assured of an extremely detailed 4-inch/50 deck gun for their 1:144 scale Gato fleet submarine. WEM PE set 14403 is just one of a series of ordnance manufactured by WEM in this scale, which allows a number of fittings for the Gato
redball.gif (371 bytes) Oldsmobile 37mm Cannon, White Ensign Models 1:72 Scale - This is not your father’s Oldsmobile, unless he flew a P-39 or had conned a muscled-up PT up the slot. With the White Ensign Models 1:72 scale Oldsmobile 37mm cannon, your Revell PT boat can now be an iron sea dog and go barge hunting with confidence and panache. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) US Army 37mm Antitank Gun for PT Boats, White Ensign Models 1:72 Scale - For all scroungers out there looking for punch for your PTs, White Ensign Models offers another solution with their WEM PE #7216 US Army 37mm Antitank Gun. This ordnance was mounted on the bow of PT-109 to add some punch against Japanese armored barges that were frequently encountered in the Solomons.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bofors 40mm Royal Navy Mk III Land Service AA Single Mount Gun, White Ensign Models 1:72 Scale - Yeah, it's a mouthful but it describes one of the first good intermediate pieces of anti-aircraft ordnance to replace the wretched Pom-Pom. White Ensign Models now produces a very fine white metal and brass 1:72 scale version of this gun. However, it appears that they're up to something at South Farm, but what is it? SteelNavy dares to ask the disturbing questions! (Editor's Note: Within a few hours of posting this review, the Honorable John Snyder, minion of White Ensign Models posted this message. "Following Mr. Backer's concluding statement, "The game's afoot.", we can only reply: "Following your spirits and upon this charge cry 'God for Harry, England, and PT Boats!' "WEM PE 7217 is a U.S. Navy Mk.3 40mm Bofors Single Mount, as used on late-war PT boats. Now, get out those Revell PTs folks. The game's afoot, and there will be more to come...." Since the historical portion of the this review is based upon the assumption that the ordnance was the RN Mk III single gun Bofors, rather than the USN Mk 3 single gun Bofors, I can only conclude with the immortal closing words of noted social commentator Emily Litella...."Never Mind.")
redball.gif (371 bytes) German 37mm SKC30U on Submarine C39 Mount, White Ensign Models 1:72 Scale - Are those Sunderlands becoming a nuisance? If so, maybe it is time to up-gun your Type VIIC U-Boat antiaircraft defenses. When it comes to your Revell 1:72 scale Type VIIC, you can now go with the Heavy Metal from Mad Pete and White Ensign Models with their white metal and brass 37mm SKC30U AA gun carried on the C39 submarine mount. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Seacats & Exocets in 1:600 Scale from WEM - For all modelers of Airfix 1:600 scale kits of modern warships of the Royal Navy, Felix Bustelo brings glad tidings of great joy. No more must you hang your head in shame for the lack of detail on your models. From now hence, you may hold your head high as White Ensign Models has produced 1:600 scale Seacats and Exocets in their Pro 600 range of detailed accessories. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bits from Britain, Three New 1:350 Scale Packets from White Ensign Models - There has been a demand for White Ensign Models to release detailing parts in 1:350 scale for modern USN warships. WEM has responded with two Professional 350 parts packets, one of the US five-inch/54 gun & one of the Phalanx CIWS, and one Flightdeck 350 helicopter packet with two Kaman SH-2F Seasprite ASW helicopters. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Five-Inch/38 Single Gun Mounts - White Ensign Models has produced a set five-inch/38 caliber USN gun mounts of the fully enclosed single gun variety in 1:350 scale. They come five gunhouses with white metal barrels per package. 
Yankee Modelworks
redball.gif (371 bytes) South Dakota Class Replacement Turrets, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale - Dissatisfied with the plastic turrets provided in the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Alabama and Massachusetts kits? Now, you don't have to take it like it. With Yankee Modelworks set YKM-3011 South Dakota Class replacement turrets, you dump the plastic turrets and use high quality resin and white metal YMW replacements.