I have been busy building this model of HMS Rodney as a commission for a local enthusiast here in the North East of England. He wanted Rodney built as she appeared in her early camouflage scheme around late 1941 early 1942, and yes the decks are still bare. There are plenty of photographs around to suggest that Rodney's decks were not fully camouflaged until later in 1943 when the main paint job was re-done, but soon after having the original camouflage painted on the main deck was painted over in deck grey. The model portrays Rodney in the time frame before that. And that is how my customer wanted it. The model is scratch-built in 1/600 scale using some small parts from the Airfix KG5 kit and the Walrus of course. The 16 and 6 inch gun barrels are from Steve Nuttall's stable, and very nice they are too. The small details and AA mountings are from the White Ensign Models' Rodney/Nelson photo-etch set of course as are the Colourcoats paint finish.

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