USS Hornet
22 April 2001

I photographed these models at the 22 April 2001 IPMS contest held in conjunction with SMML Con aboard USS Hornet, Alameda, California. I was limited both by time and the memory capacity of my digital camera, so there are many excellent ship models missing from this page. A few of them, like Sami Arim's 1:700 HMS Hood, #2, #3, #4, #5, #9 and Jim Gordon's 1:350 IJN Battleship Yamato already reside in the Model Gallery. But too many excellent ship models are missing. The fault is entirely mine and no slight is intended. Next time I'll be better prepared.
Rob Mackie

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1:700 HMS Belfast by Sami Arim

BelfastARIM01.jpg (120334 bytes) BelfastARIM02.jpg (129554 bytes) BelfastARIM03.jpg (112975 bytes)

1:700 M29 Monitor (Royal Navy), scratchbuilt by Bob Miller

MonitorM2901.jpg (86375 bytes) MonitorM2902.jpg (76243 bytes)

1:700 SSBN Ohio by Rodney Williams

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1:350 Gato/Balao Class Subs by Miguel Barquera

PampanitoToms01.jpg (60304 bytes) PampanitoToms02.jpg (89477 bytes)

1:700 Diorama of Sinking Merchant Ship by Tim Reynaga

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1:700 PT Boat by Sami Arim

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Diorama: US Riverine Forces in Vietnam by Steve Klein

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1:700 Russian Gunboat Manjur (Modelkrak kit) by Vladimir Yakubov

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1:350 Submarine S-38 (BWN) by Brian Sakai

ww1uboat.jpg (56683 bytes)

1:700 Type VIIc German Uboat by Tim Reynaga

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1:350 Type XXI German Uboat by Rodney Williams

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1:700 Russian Torpedo Boat (WW1 era) by Vladimir Yakubov

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1:72nd Type VIIc German Uboat (Amati kit) by Gordon Rohse

TypeVIICAmati02.jpg (67695 bytes) TypeVIICAmati01.jpg (117333 bytes) TypeVIIAmati05.jpg (70375 bytes)
  TypeVIIAmati06.jpg (86896 bytes) TypeVIICAmati03.jpg (59436 bytes) TypeVIICAmati04.jpg (51055 bytes)