The following is a type of Sea Wolf (Lurssen FPB 45) class missile patrol boat. Acquired by Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) in the late 70's, RSS Sea Scorpion was commissioned on 1976 and decommissioned recently in 2008. Here is some of the specifications of the MGB.

Type:   "SEA WOLF" CLASS MGB (Lurssen Werft FPB 45)
Unit:   185 Sqn
  Length:   44.9 meters, Beam:   7 meters, Draught:   2.5 meters, Displacement:   254 tons full load
  Engines:   4 MTU 16V538 TB92 Diesels (4 Shafts) producing 10 Mw (13 640 Hp, Speed:   35 knots
  Range:   950nm at 30 knots; 1600nm at 18 knots 1800nm at 15 knots, Crew:   41 with 5 officers
  Armament:   8 Single tubes Mcdonnell Douglous Harpoon (SSM), 2 Single IAI Gabriel Launchers
   1 Matra Simbad Twin Launcher with Mistral (SAM), 1 Bofors 57/70 mm main gun, 2 CIS 50 12.7mm HMG
Countermeasures:   2 sextuple Mk 36 SRBOC (Super Rapid Bloom Offboard Countermeasures) chaff launchers. 4 RAFAEL (2 twin) long range chaff launchers, ESM/ECM:   RQN 3B (INS-3) intercept and jammer, TDF-205 DF, Weapon Control:    Elbit MSIS optronic director
Radars:   Surface search Racal Decca (I band), Fire Control Signaal WM28/52 (I/J band)


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I served onboard Sea Scorpion for nearly 4 years out of my short 6 years career in the Republic of Singapore Navy . It left a huge affection and impression on me. In fact, it belongs to part of my life. I wanted to own it but unfortunately, there is no available kit of this model. So I need to do it the hard way and scratch-build. It is my first major scratch-build in my modelling hobby. Previously, I only scratch-built small and simple things like missiles and ammunition. After some advise from the internet, I decided to take the plunge and choose 1/350 scale for this mission. Since there are large number of available kit in 1/350 scale. I wished to do a pair up of my scratch-build with anther big ship to show how small the ship was on which I used to work. All the available material for my project are some my left over modelling spruces and unwanted plastics. The only after market products that I used is 1/350scale ship railing. So I will say, this is a go green and environmental friendly project. The most difficult thing to scratch-build in this project will be the hull as it involved plenty of sanding and puttying. The super structure is a breeze if you manage to get all the dimension correctly and they will fit well. I used clear plastic sheet for super structure and cut out plastic cube for FCS/ECM radar and Bofor 57mm gun. I admitted I learned a lot from this scratch-build project and it was fun and challenging. I clocked more than 80hrs and spent a continuous 3 weeks to chunk out this final product. In conclusion, I am quite satisfied with the final outcome. I know I can actually do better but probably will reserve for my next scratch-build project. Since this is my first ever attempt for ship scratch-building, I decided not to push too hard to make this project unpleasant. Special thanks to Heiko Schittek for a tutorial for making this scratch-build project possible. Until now, I still can't believe that I managed to do a scratch-build of the ship. But now the model ship is completed and whenever I look at this ship, it will remind of my time in Singapore Navy.

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Zenden Ng