For the September Mystery Model #1, superstructure parts are shown of a future release of a resin model warship. What is the name of the ship, scale and producer? Please post any answers/guesses to the message board.

SepMM1-5915.JPG (72886 bytes) SepMM1-5916.JPG (62250 bytes) SepMM1-5917.JPG (81045 bytes)
SepMM1-5919.JPG (66222 bytes) SepMM1-5918.JPG (61658 bytes) SepMM1-5920.JPG (70136 bytes)
SepMM1-5921.JPG (55840 bytes) SepMM1-5922.JPG (64623 bytes) SepMM1-5923.JPG (51776 bytes)
SepMM1-5913.JPG (132209 bytes) SepMM1-5924.JPG (68519 bytes) SepMM1-5926.JPG (62020 bytes) SepMM1-5927.JPG (120165 bytes)