On September 01 2004, a new brand of model warships from Italy was born. The range of interest of "Ships & Co.", as this is the name of the new manufacture, is US Navy, Royal Navy, Italian Navy and other navies. The subjects ready for production are: USS Providence CLG, USS Midway, as built 1946, USS Midway in her latest version with angled deck, USS Kilauea AE, USNS Shughart, preposition ship, HMS Eagle, and HMS Empress of Australia. The first kit, USS Providence CLG now is ready for production and in a couple of months you can find it by the hobby shop "Mister Kit" in Milano, Italy. The only distributor at this time is Mister Kit, but in a near future you will find it with other distributors.

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Maurizio Chiaro

The address of Mister Kit is:

Mister Kit S.a.S.
Via Alberelle 45
20089 Rozzano (MI) ITALY
Tel ++39-02-8243791
E-Mail : info@misterkit.com
Web Site : www.misterkit.com