Skywave/Pitroad offers a series of equipment sets for the World War Two warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Set 8 features late war IJN equipment including AA platforms, mid-range AA guns, light AA guns, rocket launchers, ship's boats, carrier stacks, directors, radar, carrier towers, signal lamps and jack staffs. There are actually two identical sprues included in the box. One look at the parts included, shows that it is focused on late war fittings. The AA guns included date this set to late war. There are two different styles of twin 127mm DP guns, one style with gun mount inside a open-backed gun shield and the second style with fully enclosed gun shields, as found on the Yamato class and late war IJN carriers. The same differentiation can be found with the light AA guns included in the set. Again there are two different styles of triple 25mm AA guns. One is an open mount and the other is a mount enclosed in a gun shield. The rocket launcher mounts included were fitted starting in 1944 and were found on IJN battleships (Ise/Hyuga) and carriers starting in that year. Like wise there are AA platforms to add these mounts to carriers and Ise/Hyuga. In spite of the variety, injected plastic parts still can't duplicate the delicacy of photo-etch. As one example, the jack staff is too thick. The radars and carrier masts are solid and of course don't have the fineness of brass parts. Nonetheless, Skywave still provides a lot of detail parts to refit your IJN warships into late war variants.

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The Skywave/Pitroad IJN Equipment Set #8 is available from Bill Gruner at Pacific Front.