Photos in the Classic Warships Tirpitz book show this camouflage scheme for spring of 1944.  They also show the deck camouflage and heavy weathering.  The kit was detailed with photo-etched parts from the kit, the Gold Medal Models German Warships fret, and the White Ensign Models Kriegsmarine light AA weapons set.  The 20mm Flak Verlings built up particularly well.  The paint is mainly Model Masters Marine Acrylics, and the weathering is a combination of washes, dry brushing, and pastels.  The dry brushing and washes show up more on the larger than life enlargements than they do on the actual model.  The photographs were taken with a Nikon D60 digital SLR, at f 25- f 29.   Shutter speeds were 1-3 seconds, which required a tripod.  I am happy with the good depth of field I got.

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Jim Kloek