Here are some shots of my USS Woodson, DE-359. I modernized the 1:700 scale Skywave World War Two J.C. Butler kit to reflect the Woodson as she appeared in 1957 when my father served aboard her. I scratch built the mast, hedgehog launcher, and 40mm gun tubs, as well as super-detailed both the 5-inch mounts and the 40mm guns. I used Tom's Modelworks photo-etch.

woodsonportsideJF.jpg (178851 bytes) woodsonstbdsideJF.jpg (158491 bytes) woodsohatJF.jpg (279223 bytes)
woodsonforwardJF.jpg (175194 bytes) woodsonmidshipsJF.jpg (162655 bytes) woodsonfantailJF.jpg (131466 bytes)

John Fox