I took a road trip in spring 2007 up the Mississippi Valley in Iowa. I travelled to Ottumwa, IA, after hearing a rumor that some of the ordinance salvaged from the hulks of the Spanish fleet was displayed on the town square. The gun was moved some time ago. The gun (5.5 in) salvaged from the Infanta Maria Teresa was removed at some point and redisplayed near a VFW style monument/park/campground on the outskirts of town. (Infanta Maria Teresa was a 6,870-ton armored cruiser mounting two 11-inch and ten 5.5-inch guns. This ordnance is obviously one of the cruiser's secondary guns. First ship out of the harbor of Santiago, she was the flagship of the Spanish Squadron. She engaged USS Iowa, USS Texas, USS Oregon and USS Brooklyn before being beached aflame. Her hull was repaired and she was refloated. While being towed to Norfolk, Virginia, she was caught in a storm and broke her back on a reef in the Bahamas.)

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Nathan Bartlett