In the barrage of HI-VIZ 1:700 scale aircraft markings being released by Starfighter Decals, you 1:350 scale Big Boys, who prefer the sedate (and more survivable) LO-VIZ aircraft markings may have felt neglected and dejected. Cheer up O Gray Ones, Starfighter has heard your sonic booms and has started producing BIG, BIG, BIG decals sets for BIG wings in the BIG scale. Starfighter Decal Set 350-09 comes with five decal sheets for the squadrons of Carrier Air Wing 7, carried by USS George Washington CVN-73 in 1995. Good Ole George must have been working overtime, chopping down Cherry and other trees to come up with enough paper for these decal sheets because their quantity as well as quality is impressive. 

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First of all we have the World Famous Pukin Dogs of VF-143. There are fifteen sets for the Tomcats of the Pukin Dogs, including a  CAG bird, F-14 #100 with bright markings. Each of the fifteen squadron aircraft markings has different aircraft numbers. They are divided between two sheets with eight sets on one sheet and seven on another. These two sheets also includes nine sets of markings for the F/A-18 Hornets of VFA-136 Knigthawks. The same two sheets also include thirteen markings for VA-34 Blue Blasters. These boys are always ready for a strike mission in their A-6E Intruders.

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Another sheet takes care of the ASW duties as there are five sets of markings for the S-3B Vikings of VS-31 Topcats. More Hornets abound with markings for another ten F/A-18Cs of VFA-131 Wildcats. For electronic warfare, how about four sets of EA-6B Prowler markings of VAQ-140 Patriots. Also on this sheet are four sets of wing walk panels for the Hawkeyes of VAW-121 Bluetails (3) and COD C-2A Greyhound (1) bird of VRC-40 Rawhides, so even the airborne parcel post and mailmen can fly with pride. LO-VIZ CAG markings for an Intruder of VA-34 is also found on this sheet. 

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However, probably the most colorful sheet has three sets of markings for the E-2C Hawkeyes of VAW-121 Bluetails. True to their name, the early warning aircraft have bright blue tail markings, squadron insignia and wing numbers. However, they can afford to sport bright colors in a LO-VIZ air wing because their job is to stay far away from the fray. It is not only the Hawkeyes that display bright colors on this sheet but also a series of one off CAG bird markings. Colorful CAG markings are found for a Hornet of the Wildcats, a Hornet of the Knighthawks, a Viking of the Topcats, and an Intruder of the Blue Blasters. Sorry, there is no CAG COD or Hawkeye. For the propeller heads, there are markings for six SH-3 helicopters of HS-5 Night Dippers. There is one set of C-2A Greyhound markings of VRC-40 Rawhides. A small fifth sheet of decals provides turbine lades for the large engines of the Vikings and red, white and blue CAG national markings.

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OK, in summation, Starfighter Decals Set 350-09 is a decal extravaganza with markings for Carrier Air Wing 7 on USS George Washington CVN-73. These five decal sheets provide for individual aircraft markings for 15 Tomcats of VF-143; 10 Hornets of VFA-136; 11 Hornets of VFA-131; 15 Intruders of VA-34; 6 Vikings of VS-31; 4 Prowlers of VAQ-140; 3 Hawkeyes of VAW-121; 6 choppers of HS-5; and one Greyhound of VRC-40. By anybody's estimate that is a deck load, even for a super carrier and to top it off, each of these 71 aircraft are uniquely numbered.