Few would doubt that the USS Enterprise CV6 was the most notable aircraft carrier of World War Two, if not of all time. Many modelers were initiated into building warships through their purchase of the 1:480 scale Revell Enterprise. Released in the late 1960s, this Revell kit did not suffer the flat bottom design of the Revell kits from early 1950s. The kit has been released a number of times and is not that difficult to acquire. With Starfighter Decals set 480-2 a modeler will have all of the necessary markings for ship and aircraft of the pre-war Big E. Of course the mahogany deck with bold yellow markings easily distinguished the carrier in this time period. However, the aircraft markings were equally colorful with the red circle within the star and red and white striped tails. The large yellow stripes are not provided but the set does provide thin solid, as well as dashed, yellow lines. Other ship decals include black and white ship's name for the stern. Most of the set is for the aircraft. National insignia are provided in seven sizes equating to the diameter of the insignia. These correspond to insignia with 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60 inch diameters. Tail stripes are provided for twenty TBD Devastators, thirty-six SBD Dauntlesses and eighteen F4F Wildcats. These are 18 aircraft from each of the four squadrons embarked, Fighting 6, Scouting 6, Bombing 6 and Torpedo 6. Individual black aircraft numbers are also provided with additional white lettering for aircraft sporting black recognition bands.

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