For all Airfix Fleet Air Arm Aficionados, Starfighter Decals produces a decal set in 1:600 scale for Royal Navy aircraft for the period of 1940 to 1944 for the Atlantic and Mediterranean Theaters. The decals include not only the various styles of roundels but also tail flash and aircraft letters. This sheet is set 600-1 and contains four roundel designs, numbers in three colors, letters in three colors and two styles of tail flashes. Roundels are Type A blue with red center; Type B blue white & red; Type A1 yellow, blue, white & red; and Type C1 small yellow, large blue, small white & red. Letters and numbers come in red, white and black with more red versions than black or white. Tail flashes come in long strips and a small portion would need to be cut off to fit to each side of the tail. The two styles of tail flashes are Type A with equal width red, white and blue lines and Type B with equal width red and blue lines separated by a narrow white line. The price is $6.00 and is available from Starfighter Decals (starfighterdecals(at) Substitute @ for (at) .

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