With the release of the Trumpeter 1:700 scale Nimitz class aircraft carrier kits, a modeler can now build various members of this large class of super carrier. Sure your island may sport the distinguishing CV number but what about the airwing on deck. Will your Nimitz class have distinctive squadrons that flew off that particular ship? With Starfighter Decals set 700-16 you have the ability to add 40 uniquely marked and number aircraft from CVW-7, which flew off the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1978-1979. These are no dreary gray and gray Lo-Viz aircraft but are Hi-Viz markings in all of their Technicolor splendor. 

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So what do you get with this set? About half a carrier wing with some decals for all nine squadron embarked. You'll get six each of both squadrons of Tomcats. The World Famous Pukin Dogs VW-143 get six and the Ghostriders VF-42 get six. These decals come all the way down to individual aircraft numbers, so that all of your F-14s will have their individual numbers. As an example, or VW-143  that includes aircraft numbers 100 through 112. Obviously with two sheets of Starfighter 700-16 you can populate the entire deck of your Ike bird farm in Hi-Viz glory. The Intruders get six for the Tigers VA-65 for the A-6E attack birds with two EA-6B Prowlers of the Yellow Jackets of VAQ-138. There are two A-7E Corsair II squadrons with six Flying Ubangi of VA-12 and six Waldomen of VA-66. For anti-submarine missions there are markings for four of the S-3A Vikings of the Top Cats of VS-31 and markings for three of the Sea King SH-3D of the Night Dippers SH-5. To round out the sheet you can go to the big disks of Early Warning with two sets of markings for the E-2c Hawkeyes of the Blue Tails of VAW-121. 

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With decal sheet 700-16 CVW-7 CVN69 1978-1979 Starfighter Decals has produced an outstanding product with great quality, great diversity and great flexibility. With one sheet 40 aircraft, each with a unique aircraft number, and in proper Hi-Viz squadron markings can be depicted on your USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1:700 scale. Starfighter Decals are available directly from starfighterdecals(at)verizon.net. Substitute @ for (at)