Here is a product just right for the Trumpeter 1:700 scale USS Nimitz CVN-68 aircraft carrier kit. This Starfighters Decal set is #700-20 and is designed not for the carrier but for her air wing. Designated Carrier Airwing 8, USS Nimitz 1976-1977, this decal sheet provides markings for the Bicentennial aircraft of the Nimitz. Still in the glorious full Technicolor splendor of HI-VIZ, this sheet provides extraordinarily colorful garnish for the aircraft of the carrier. As you examine all of the detail that makes up the markings for even one aircraft, it is hard to believe that this sheet is executed in 1:700 scale, but it is! Although you won't get a set of markings for every aircraft carried, this sheet provides a full deck load of 41 aircraft. 

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No fancy pants Tomcats for this cruise of Nimitz, her fighter squadrons are still equipped with the big bird, the F4J Phantom II.  As an added treat one of the squadrons are full of jarheads. VMFA-333 Shamrocks is the USMC squadron and with St Paddy's Day coming up next month, you can bring the luck of the Irish to your Nimitz when six of your Phantoms are sporting their green, the green clover leaves. The squid squadron is VF-74 Bedevilers, Six more Phantoms can be equipped with the devil's head with red & white stripes. With all of the squadrons extra aircraft numbers are provided, so you can add extra uniquely numbered aircraft to your squadrons. For those strike missions there are markings for six of each of the three attack squadrons, one with the A-6E Intruder and two with the A-7E Corsair II. 

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VA-35 Black Panthers fly the Intruder. They carry the classic leaping panther in a white circle. The light blue tail markings and fuselage lightning bolt of the Corsairs of VA-82 Marauders contrast nicely next to them. Of course if you really want an overdose of orange, you have VA-86 Sidewinders. Also flying the A-7 Corsair, the Sidewinders have prominent orange diamonds on the top of the aircraft and a rattlesnake on the tail. For that extra dash of color there is the CAG's bird. His A-7 has the same Sidewinder markings except for the diamonds of the tail. Instead of orange diamonds, the CAG's Corsair has multicolored diamonds. The Recce RA-5C Vigilantes of RVAH-6 Hoot Owls have green tail markings, with markings for three aircraft  One of your E-2A Hawkeye early warning aircraft will be the most colorful and prominent aircraft on the deck. With the Bicentenial these of Spirit of 76 and the Stars and Stripes on the radar dome this Hawkeye of VAW-116 Sunkings will be a standout. Markings for another, less colorful Hawkeye are also included. There are two sets of markings for the EA-6B Prowlers of  VAQ-130 Zappers. Finally there are four sets of markings for the SH-3D Sea Kings of helicopter squadron HC-2 Fleet Angels with their black and yellow swirl spinners.

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If you really want to equip a very colorful HI-VIZ flight deck for an early cruise of the USS Nimitz CVN-68, Starfighter Decals set 700-20 Carrier Air Wing 8, presents a wonderful opportunity to load a Trumpeter 1:700 scale Nimitz deck with color.