"The buck stops here!" That was the motto of President Harry Truman. When it comes to the world of model aircraft carriers the buck stops when it comes to those final details, the decals. IPMS attendees, as well as judges, will be stopped in their tracks to examine a carrier model with intricate carrier and squadron markings. When it comes to intricate detail done to en exhaustive level of completeness, in the decal world no one does it better than Starfighter Decals. Here is another one of their incredible products, set 700-46 Carrier Air Wing 3 2004-2005 for the air wing of the USS Truman CVN-75. This set contains three sheets of decals but one is so small that for all practical purposes it amounts to two sheets. 

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The largest sheet contains markings for seven squadrons. VF-32 Swordsmen fly the Grumann F-14 Tomcat, characterized by a black sword on the tail fins, and Starfighter supplies eight sets of decals for this squadron with different aircraft numbers per set. Jugheads will appreciate the decals for VMFA-115 Silver Eagles with nine sets provided for the F/A-18 fighter bombers of the squadron. The chessboard pattern forward edge of the tail fin of S-3 Vikings of Squadron VS-22 Checkmates proudly show that they are up to stopping any underwater threat to the Truman. There are seven sets for the Vikings. You want more superbug Hornets? No problem as there two more F/A-18 equipped squadrons in this set. VFA-37 Bulls naturally has a bull symbol in blue or black on the tail fin. VFA-105 Gunslingers have a green or gray wedge on the fins with the green wedge going to aircraft 400 flown by the squadron commander. There are nine different aircraft markings for the Bulls and ten for the Gunslingers. VAQ-130 Zappers get three different numbered aircraft sets for their Prowlers. Additionally there are four sets of wing walk panels for the E2C aircraft. You can experience rotor madness with six sets of markings for the choppers of HS-7 Dusty Dogs. This sheet contains markings for the Lo-Viz standard squadron aircraft.

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The second, smaller set of decals includes the most colorful decals for CAG or squadron commander aircraft. There are two variants for the VF-32 with differing mixtures of yellow and black. VFMA-115 also has two variants, both of which are multi-color but one variant being more gaudy. The Bulls get two variants, one in blue and one in red. VFA-105 also has two variants in different compositions of green, yellow and black. VS-22, VAQ-130 and HS-7 all have only one set of commander markings but they are probably the most colorful of all. The chess board pattern on the leading edge of the fin for the S-3 is in red and white and there is a green dragon for the tail fin of the Prowler. The markings of two other squadrons are included. These are for the Hawk Eyes of VAW-126 Sea Hawks and the cods of RC-40 Rawhides. Both of these have more color than other squadrons with four aircraft sets for the VAW-126 and two for cods. 

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The small third sheet has two sets of black wing walks for the two cods of RC-40. Starfighter provides excellent full color profiles and plans for each squadron and aircraft type to show the modeler where all of the decals are placed on each aircraft. The Starfighter Decals "Give em Hell Harry" decal set 700-46 for Carrier Air Wing 3 of the USS Truman 2004-2005 provides a-hell-of-a-lot of detail and great value at $15. 

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