There are a number of reasons as to why the aircraft carrier is a perennial favorite among modelers. Of course the carrier supplanted the battleship as the most powerful surface warship. Another reason is the presence of all of the colorful aircraft that can populate the carrierís deck. A third reason is that the deck markings of carriers can be as equally colorful as the markings of the birds they carried. With Starfighter Decals Set 700-09 you now can add splash to the Revell 1:720 kit of the USS Enterprise as built.

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Of course this Big E is the initial classic Beehive version, which makes her unique as it is. However, the kitís decals, are somewhat nondescript. Now you can put the full court press on Big E markings with the Starfighter two sheet decal set. There are 38 different types of decals on these two sheets, including island numbers and hull name plate. Of course almost all of the decals are for the deck. Some decals are optional, in which the modeler must choose between styles. Examples of this are Early and Late Style Foul Lines; or a number of optional elevator outlines. The bulk of the sheets comprise all types of guide and warning lines in a flurry of colors. However, some of the other, smaller deck markings are also included. Included in this are the small armament elevator markings; catapult launch control positions; and deck access hatches. Priced at a mere $12.00, this set confers extraordinary detail on the 1:720 scale kit. Starfighter Decals are available directly from starfighterdecals(at) Substitute @ for (at) 

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