PT-560 is a conversion of the Revell 1/72nd scale Elco. It depicts PT -560 while serving with MTB Ron 29 in the Mediterranean in 1944.

Additions are the 0.50 cal guns are from Aeroclub, and the 40mm is from HR Products. The rest of the upgraded armament, 20mm, Mk 13 torpedoes and roll-off racks, is scratch-built, as are the other changes necessary to build a mid-war 80 footer.

PT560Allen21.jpg (61357 bytes) PT560Allen10.jpg (57439 bytes) PT560Allen12.jpg (53887 bytes)

The other interesting addition is the naval ensign, which is a silk flag from a UK firm called 'Handmade Flags'. These little flags require several steps to complete, involving hot water, baby oil and the equivalent of a hand massage - weird but effective! Overall colour scheme for PT 560 is White Ensign Models Thayer Blue, with other colours from Humbrol. The full file of my build of PT-560 will also be seen on the SMML homepage.

PT560Allen25.jpg (58505 bytes) PT560Allen27.jpg (51050 bytes) PT560Allen32.jpg (62178 bytes) PT560Allen41.jpg (56599 bytes)

Stephen Allen
Canberra, Australia