T2 Tanker
Rob Mackie

1/96th Scale T-2 Tanker
Smithsonian Museum of US History, Washington, D.C.
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T2 RM 01.jpg (54936 bytes)
Aft looking forward
T2 RM 02.jpg (98170 bytes)
Midship and aft deck houses
T2 RM 03.jpg (70660 bytes)
Forward deck and pilot house
T2 RM 04.jpg (52958 bytes)
Deck level plumbing
T2 RM 03a.jpg (35221 bytes)
Navigation bridge

Vital Statistics
T2-SE-A1 Type
Displacement: 5,730 tons,
deadweight capacity 16,735 tons
Dimensions: 523.5' oa, 503' wl, 68' beam, 30.8' draught
Armament: one 3" fwd, one 5"38 aft, 6-8 20mm
Machinery: 1-shaft turbo electric drive,

6,000 S.H.P., 15.1 knots
Complement: 225

Atascosa AO 66 Mar 43 small.jpg (8531 bytes)
USS Atascosa (AO-66)
Note dazzle painted PT boats carried as deck cargo (click to enlarge)

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