Successful television shows have often created a new production called a "spin-off". Memorable characters from the original series are transferred to the new venue so that there will be a built-in audience for the new show. In a case of life imitating art, TYP Models is a "spin-off" of a long established firm in model warship production. Originally it was thought for the new venture to use the name JSP but then it was realized that those initials had been used before for a resin ship production company and TYP had absolutely no connection with the previous JSP Models. TYP has an unusual concept in tying two two impending kit releases together. The first two releases from TYP will be a warship kit and a figure. Indeed, as can be seen from the photographs of the products from TYP, the naval figure, called "The Heroic Yeoman" is given more emphasis than the ship. This concept is obvious from from the slogan used on the theatrical trailers of "The Heroic Yeoman and His Ship".

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The press release also emphasizes the primacy of the "Heroic Yeoman" figure. "The heart and soul of any warship is the heroic yeoman. Many believe that the most dangerous jobs in the Navy are found in naval aviation. That is a common misconception. The heroic yeoman constantly risks his well being when he performs his duties. Always at risk to vicious paper cuts, the constant threat of lacerations to his digits does not sway him from his crucial duties. As he takes action station, the heroic yeoman runs the risk of severe burns from malfunctioning coffee pots. He laughs off the constant threat of hideous disfigurement to his dress whites from spilled coffee and unsightly stains to his uniform from battle-damaged pocket protectors." The accompanying photographs do not show all of the components to the model of the ship of the Heroic Yeoman but clearly the Heroic Yeoman figure emphatically approves of the subject. 

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Release dates for the Heroic Yeoman and His Ship have not been determined.