This is the first of a trio of 1/700 scale battleships that I've built for a friend. Apologies regards the lighting - that will get better on future photographs. I was not required to fit railings/rigging or do a sea base but just build out of the box and replace some parts with photo-etch. This is the Tamiya 1/700 scale HMS Prince of Wales. I've modelled her at the time she was in the far east and used the Shipcraft book for reference to weapons fit and camouflage. I've used White Ensign Models  photo-etch and replaced a couple of parts with WEM resin detail parts. The paints are WEM Colourcoats except for the natural wood decks, on which I've used Lifecolour Israeli sandgray as a base colour with a brown ink wash. The weathering was concentrated on the hull and I've used drybrushing and the Tamiya weathering system for the rust and black marks.

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Michael Wain