This is the Tamiya 1:350 scale USS Enterprise, CVN-65. This model took 1 1/2 years to build and includes photo-etch sets from Gold Medal Models & White Ensign Models; decal sets from GMM and resin figures from L'Arsenal. My special thanks goes to Pekka Rautajoki for submitting his award winning model. It provided great inspiration during my build.

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This build includes a scratch-built and lit hanger deck, including loaded pallets, and a hand painted mural on the fire doors. The island is also lit and extra detail was added to the 60 aircraft onboard, such drilling the intakes and exhaust, opening canopies and doors and modifying an F-14 to a landing configuration with lowered flaps and adjusted tail sections. An E2C Hawkeye has also been converted to a C2 Greyhound for the flight deck.

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Robert L. McGhee