This is my first ship model, Tamiya's 1/700 scale USS Fletcher, with Gold Medal Models US Destroyer/Cruiser photo-etch. The Gold Medal set is very nice. I purchased Mission Models Etchmate 3C which made the whole photo-etch process pretty easy really -- I could not have done it without that tool. The curves however were made with various diameter copper and aluminum tubes, and where a gentle curve was required in the railing, I set the rail on cardboard and made one or two gentle rolling passes with a piece of tubing which curved the railing nicely.

The water is Woodland Scenics water effects from Hobby Lobby used over a dark blue base. I spread it on and after it dried about an hour textured some big waves with a popsicle stick, then for the smaller textured waves I put on a very thin layer and textured it with a foam brush after a few minutes when the thin layer was almost dry. Near the ship and for the wake I used the little white bottle form the water effects set, which actually dries clearish and then painted the foam.

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Shaun Lehman