Sang Hyun Park of the Korea Ship Modeling Club built this Tamiya 1:350 scale USS Fletcher. For added detail, he used the Gold Medal Models 1:350 Fletcher photo-etch set mostly. However, for the MK 37 Director and anti skid marks of upper deck, he used the 1:350 Eduard Fletcher photo-etch set. He also used the GMM Figure set.

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The main mast was replaced using 1-mm brass rod and the rigging was done using 0.1-mm brass wire. The basic paint job was done using Gunze paint. For camouflage paint, he used White Ensign Models paints. He followed the paint guide except for the walkway. He used a lighter shade of gray for the walkway because he felt that it would be better with deck blue. We of the Korea Ship Modeling Club have just launched our new internet home at Sang Hyun Park is the most active member of our club.

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