This is the Tamiya 1:700 scale Gato Class submarine. I have used the Toms Modelworks photo-etch set. The amount of detail that is included in this set is amazing. The guard rails at the front and rear of the tower were a real test to bend into shape and I used up the entire supply to get two into more or less the correct shape. The 5-inch/25 aft of the tower is from the kit with bits of scrape plastic for seats and sights. The 40mm Bofors are White Ensign Models resin items. The model is painted with Humbrol paints in measure 32/9SS "dark gray job" scheme. For the black areas I used Humbrol No-77 navy blue which gives a convincing black in that scale while keeping away from true black. Two main engine exhausts were drilled into each side of the aft hull. Weathering was done with various shades of gray and pastel chalks.

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Pete Randall