Operation Berlin , entering Brest - 21 March 1941

  Purchased:      16 November 1989  Discount Hobbies, Utica , NY Company:       Tamiya  Kit NO. 7820
Started:  25 November 1990

23 February 2002, 1822 - You have two Tamiya Scharnhorst (SH) and one Gneisenau (GU) kits.  But, strongly believe only enough parts to make 2 of the 3 kits!! Didn’t you use parts for the Bismarck , as her guns were awful!!! SOME DAY!! Check see what you can actually build. . .

26 September 2009, 1225 - Started the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Hesitation due to NOT having the PE for either. Gneisenau needs work in order to complete. Currently, idea to build what will NOT require PE.  Drill out gun barrels, etc.  NO BRASS BARRELS!!!

29 December 2009, 0845 - Re-started all 3 ships!! IDEA is to try to make Gneisenau with turret catapult if enough parts. Drilled out funnel, painted interior Gloss Black, wire yardarms for bridge structure Sprayed PE with MM Primer Gray

30 December 2009, 0939 - Missing turret with holes for the catapult platform for all three ships!!! Going to see if I can make the GU 1941 hangar.  If not, will make the with turret catapult.

3 January 2010, 0955 - Screw it!!  Too much of a pain to make the curved hanger!!!  Make the short one prior to it being changed!!!!

Completed:     7 May 2010

GneiGV01.JPG (53787 bytes) GneiGV03.JPG (57230 bytes)
GneiGV05.JPG (63458 bytes) GneiGV04.JPG (72002 bytes) GneiGV06.JPG (63551 bytes)

Hull Color:      Upper surface – MM Light Ghost Gray 36375; Hull – Humbrol 106 Matt Ocean Gray
Deck Color:  Main deck - MM Radome Tan, Deck levels - Humbrol HF 5 Dark Blue Gray
Aircraft:  Humbrol HG8, MM RLM 65, All decals disintegrated!!!  Awaiting new ones to arrive., Still haven’t decided how to show planes – hanging from crane or on catapult.
Gun Turret Tops:  Mixed Sunburst and Humbrol Yellow – Wow!!  What a task that was!!

PE:      Tom’s Modelworks PE set, 1/700 Lion Roar Photo Etch WWII Navy V 20mm AA Gun MG C/30, 1/700 Lion Roar Photo Etch WWII Navy VI 20mm AA Gun Flak 35; 1/700 Lion Roar Photo Etch WWII Navy VII 37mm AA Gun SK C/30 Mast & Yardarms:     Brass mast from Lion Roar!! (Mast is nice but the yardarms and the lines between the arms are just too weak to hold.  Once painted, couldn’t clear the holes for the lines.)

GneiGV12.JPG (60369 bytes) GneiGV07.JPG (53303 bytes) GneiGV08.JPG (58628 bytes)
GneiGV09.JPG (58414 bytes) GneiGV10.JPG (59074 bytes) GneiGV11.JPG (60245 bytes)

Rigging:  Caenis black fishing line, Stretched spue
Rust:  Pactra Weather, lightly applied
Comments:  Removed chain, fitted into hawser holes after drilling out, Drill out funnel, replaced with PE .010x.020 for the square portholes on Part C9 AA tower - Wire used for Upper Bridge antennas - Life boats: buff – deck tan – ship color