My latest build is a 1/700 scale HMS HOOD 1942, as if modernized after Renown. This exercise is based on two of Tamiya's kits, HMS Hood and HMS King George V. With help and inspiration from R A Burt's British Battleships 1919-1939, I have been able to speculate as to what the refitted ship may have looked like. In this build I have rebuilt the funnels to accord with those used for Renown and so it's not all straight forward but some artistic license may be used. The camouflage layout by the way is also from the Burt book.

hoodPF01.JPG (39114 bytes) hoodPF02.JPG (44914 bytes) hoodPF04.JPG (50022 bytes) hoodPF05.JPG (81067 bytes)
hoodPF06.JPG (42393 bytes) hoodPF07.JPG (64935 bytes) hoodPF08.JPG (38175 bytes) hoodPF03.JPG (42961 bytes)

Peter Fulgoney