I doubt few of you all who visit this website donít know the tragic story of the USS Indianapolis. So for brevity, and a large dose of laziness I wonít repeat it here. When Tamiya first announced the release of this kit I knew that she would one day grace my worktable. She has always been a favourite of my father, and I guess he passed it on to me. The kit represents her, as she looked in July 1945. I always thought she looked dashing in her Measure 21. However for me there was a problem. You see the Curtiss Seahawk has to rank as one of my least favourite aircraft. I simply did not want to build that aircraft. So looking at my references I decided to model her after her November December 1944 refit. So I could include a couple of Curtiss Seagulls.

IndyIP01ad.jpg (15069 bytes) IndyIP03ad.jpg (11361 bytes) IndyIP02ad.jpg (9327 bytes)

The model was a pretty straightforward affair. Here is a short list of some of the things I did.

Indy01ad.jpg (11329 bytes) Indy04ad.jpg (15524 bytes) Indy03AD.jpg (14350 bytes)
Indy06ad.jpg (20126 bytes) Indy05ad.jpg (16679 bytes) Indy02ad.jpg (19498 bytes) Indy07ad.jpg (19199 bytes)

Two years later, this is what I ended up with. Iím sorry if I got all the nautical terms wrong. You see this language is all new fangled to me. This is my second ship, (not the last I hasten to add). I normally build jets. Aptly, this model now resides in a private collection in Indianapolis. Thanks to you all for the inspiration.

Adrian Davies