These are photographs of my USS Indianapolis in 1:700 scale from Tamiya. John Darlington and I have been experimenting with his camera. I used the Toms Modelworks photo-etch set for it and White Ensign Modelís Colourcoat paints. Not too much else had to be done to produce a good model, the masts have been modified a bit to make them more accurate. I folded back the wings of one of the Seahawk floatplanes and positioned it in the entrance to the starboard hanger. The quad Bofors mountings have been improved with WEM photo-etch guardrails and sights and streched sprue spent cartridge case ejection shutes. I tried to use the WEM photo-etch twin Oerlikons but I had trouble bending them so I used modified kit guns. The kit 5-inch guns are just fantastic, the best I have seen in that scale. The rigging is streched sprue and the water on the base is household pollyfilla with oil paints and gloss varnish. The floater nets in the baskets are made from squares of rolled up pantyhose.

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Pete Randall.
Auckland, New Zealand