This is the Tamiya 1:700 scale Royal Navy O Class destroyer modified from the gun version to mine layer version. The idea for this came from two superb photos in Alan Raven's book, RN Camouflage Volume Two, showing Obedient at anchor. The kit had to modified slightly with the removal of the 4-inch AA gun platform and replacing it with another set of torpedo tubes and the addition of mine laying chutes on both sides at the stern. The bridge structure was reworked with the Oerlikon gun positions on B gun deck moved further aft and a radar hut added. Scuttles were added to ship's sides and deck houses. I used White Ensign Models O/P class destroyer photo-etch set, their resin 4inch QF MK5 in asymmetric shields replacing the kit guns and a single resin 4-inch HA gun at the stern. I also used their resin quad pom pom mounting with added PE sights and detailed the boats with their RN ship's boats PE detail set. The molded on anchor cables were replaced with PE cable plus an extra length from the hawse pipe to the sea. For the mine rails down each side of the main deck I used two lengths of railing cut length wise, looking like a long ladder. The starboard side boat davit was repositioned beside the pom pom structure and extra Oerlikons were added on the main deck forward of the aft deck house. The Orelikons are also WEM PE items. The model is painted with WEM Colour Coat paints, RN WW2 white, G20 and G45. The decks are Humbrol 106 ocean grey. The figures are from Gold Medal Models.

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Pete Randall