Here are some photos of my recently completed Tamiya 1/700 scale Repulse. I used the White Ensign Models brass photo-etch set and rigged the model with 0.002" monofilament. The model was painted with a custom mix of Testor's acrylic paints for the lighter gray and flat black. The ship was washed and dry-brushed in the usual manner and then washed again with a heavily diluted flat black enamel wash applied directly over the flat base colors (a first for me) to bring it all together. Some light weathering with pastel chalks and a lightly sprayed flat Clearcoat finished things off.

rep08fo.JPG (76226 bytes) rep15fo.JPG (75931 bytes) rep16fo.JPG (63141 bytes)
rep09fo.JPG (99773 bytes) rep10fo.JPG (76123 bytes) rep12fo.JPG (97654 bytes) rep14fo.JPG (97605 bytes)

Frank O'Neill