This is the Tamiya HMS Rodney circa 1934 that I finished in 2006. The model was finished with White Ensign Models Coulorcoats AP507B medium home fleet gray. I simulated the Norfolk Pine color natural wood deck by painting the entire deck Humbrol 121 lightly washed with Humbrol 110. The model was finished with the White Ensign Models Nelson/Rodney photo-etch set. The starfish is entirely made of brass from the set. The mast above the starfish is brass I tapered utilizing sanding sticks and a Dremel tool. The White Ensign flag is from Dunagain Decals. The main 16" barrels are brass, drilled out at the end; from Clipper Models.

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Once the turrets were inserted into their proper place, the stem underneath each 16" turret was heated and flattened on the end to keep the turret in place while allowing the turret to rotate. The 6" secondary barrels are brass, drilled out at the end; from NNT. The rigging is Dai Riki .002 Monofilament. The 4mm figures on the deck are from Eduard.

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Jon Iverson