This is my recent build of Tamiya's IJN Light Cruiser Yubari. The kit is starting to show its age, so I have tried to make it as accurate as far as I can using Skywave/Pitroad accessories, Gold Medal Models photo-etch and through scratch-building, such as the midships AA platform and masts. I also used White Ensign Models light AA weapons photo-etch set for the first time, very fiddly but worth the effort! The model was painted with Humbrol enamels and weathered with washes of dilute watercolours and pastel chalks. My thanks go to Jim Baumann for all his help and encouragement, he's a great inspiration! The image labeled StereoA is a stereo anaglyph so anyone with a pair of red/cyan stereo glasses will be able to see the model in 3D!

Steve Shrimpton

All Right Cadet Sea Scouts, It is time to don your super secret 3-D goggles, whisper the magic words "Ipso Facto Uncle Haguro" and click on the left hand thumbnail below to see Steve Shrimpton's Yubari in all of her wide screen Megatronic glory. For those modelers who can not handle such an epic portion of eye candy, click on the right thumbnail to see a more modest snack size, small screen version of the same 3D photograph.

Yub01StereoA.jpg (69349 bytes) Yub01StereoA6.jpg (19841 bytes)

For those of you who have failed to retain your super secret 3-D goggles or who lost them when you saw "The Four Headed Screaming Woman From Mars in 3D" at your local theater, or who for reasons unknown prefer to inhabit a two dimensional universe, here are six 2-D photographs by Steve of his Yubari

Yub71ss.jpg (19397 bytes) Yub80ss.jpg (24979 bytes) Yub78ss.jpg (16415 bytes)
Yub82ss.jpg (24863 bytes) Yub92ss.jpg (14598 bytes) Yub87ss.jpg (17069 bytes)