USS Ticonderoga
Essex Class
Aircraft Carrier

(Hasegawa 1:700 Scale Kit)
Built & Photographed
Jim Kloek

This 1/700 USS Ticonderoga was built using the Hasegawa long bow Essex kit  This is the first model I've built on commission. The client's father served on the ship in 1945, and I've tried to model her in a 1945 fit.  He is celebrating his 75th birthday this month, and my client and her sisters are giving him this model.

The main alteration to the kit was the addition of an open hangar deck. Though not visible in the photos, there are aircraft posed on the hangar deck.  I also added a lot of GMM photoetch, particularly to the island, where the radars and anntennas are much modified from the kit versions.  I also added all the 40mm directors, using Skywave directors and tubs. Two sets of aircraft were used, most of which have folded wings as well as decals and photoetched details.  There are 30 aircraft in total.

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