This is a model of Howard Pulver's submission to Congress in the late 70's for a "hybridized" Iowa class vessel. Congress asked for suggestions from notable naval architects for designs that would extend the active life of the Iowa class vessels into the 21st century. The Pulver submission was the most seriously considered because it utilized the current technology of the day and would be the easiest and cheapest to implement.  The drawings of the design were blown up to 1/350 scale and were an almost exact match to the Tamiya New Jersey kit (only 1/16" off stem to stern) which made the job much easier.

The name, class designation, and hull number are the result of the folks here on Steel Navy for which I am grateful for the assistance in the construction of this model. The name Tinian carries on the Navy's tradition of naming assault ships after famous beach assaults. The designation HAL stands for Heavy Assault Landing which also stays with the Navy's system of naming ship classes, while hull number "1" would be the logical choice for the lead ship in the new class. 

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The flight deck was almost entirely painted by hand with some decals added. The aircraft and deck equipment were from Iron Shipwright and really helped top off the model with some color. I will issue this entire build from beginning to end as a "how to" CD in the near future. You may read a condensed version of the new CD on the IPMS/USA web site under the "Reviews" section. Part 1 and 2 are already up and parts 3 and 4 will follow very soon. 

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Rusty White