Unless you happened to be in Tokyo in the last week, you probably did not have the opportunity to see the new models debuted at the Tokyo Model Show Fall 2004. However, we're in luck because Hideo Gotoh was at the show and took these photographs. A you can see, there are plenty of items pictured from Pitroad, Aoshima, Hasegawa, FineMold, Revell - Germany and Trumpeter.

TMSPitroadSubmarines700hg28.JPG (60844 bytes) TMSPitroadYamato700hg.JPG (112322 bytes) TMSHasegawaOoyodoSendai700hg.JPG (117359 bytes)
TMSAoshima BismarckTirpitz700hg.JPG (155340 bytes) TMSAoshimaKurosioIsokaze700hg.JPG (60697 bytes) TMSFinemoldsPEBismarck1hg.JPG (93413 bytes) TMSFinemoldsPEBismarck2hg.JPG (102675 bytes)
TMSRevellGoethe160hg.JPG (83815 bytes) TMSTrumpeterKuznetzov350hg1.JPG (114439 bytes) TMSTrumpeterKuznetzov350hg2.JPG (112405 bytes) TMSTrumpeterKuznetzov350hg3.JPG (99383 bytes)