So, you have a Liberty Ship but have no deck cargo. Maybe you have a gaggle of landing craft with nothing to drop off. Whatever your World War Two cargo needs, Tom's Modelworks probably has something that you are looking for with either or both of these 1:350 scale accessory packets. One is TMWD004 and consists of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) although a couple of soft skin Jeeps are thrown in. The second package TMWD005 is labeled as soft skin vehicles, although as with the hard skin vehicle package, it is a mixed bag in that it includes a few armored vehicles like the M-8 & M-20 armored cars and the White Scout Car. All vehicles are cast in white metal.

Tom's AFV
For the heavy metal look Tom's Modelworks gives you TMWD004 with three M4 Sherman medium tanks and one M3 Stuart light tank. You get a company (-) Task Force in that you also get three M4 halftracks for your armored infantry and a couple of Jeep 1/4-ton utility vehicles for command purposes and hauling the beer. You'll feel proud in you're Stetson and spurs.
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TomsHSV1760stuart.JPG (103317 bytes) TomsHSV1763half.JPG (71933 bytes) TomsHSV1762jeeps.JPG (85057 bytes)


Now that we have taken care of the Tread Heads, its time to address every military man's favorite, the admin and supply puke!


Tom's Softskins
Maybe you are a "Beans & Bullets" type of guy. As any self-respecting Loggie knows, you have to have some wheels to move the groceries to the folks that need it. With Tom's Modelworks TMWD005 you get the Motor Pool necessary to carry the goods. For heavy duty lifts you get two types of cargo trucks plus the invaluable DUKW for those recipients with swamp addresses. If it is just a box of crackers or other light work, the two Dodge 3/4-ton trucks will do fine. Of course you get a Jeep 1/4-ton for beer deliveries. Just in case there is any trouble you get three armored vehicles to protect your soft skins. These are a White Scout car, a M20 Greyhound armored car and a M8 armored car packing a 37mm ATG for those who won't wake up and smell the coffee. Also, don't forget you're supply forms in triplicate to make sure those sloppy combat dogfaces account for those paper clips.
TomsSSV1764pack.JPG (50864 bytes) TomsSSV1765pack.JPG (100643 bytes) TomsSSV1772trucks.JPG (68389 bytes) TomsSSV4727dukw.JPG (91887 bytes)
TomsSSV1770ccars.JPG (60321 bytes) TomsSSV1771jeep.JPG (78933 bytes) TomsSSV1769Dodge.JPG (85536 bytes) TomsSSV1768M20.JPG (101824 bytes) TomsSSV1767M8.JPG (81462 bytes)


Doug Dogface Combat Tip - Don't forget to combat load your vessels with the beer trucks loaded last so that they are off first! The infantry can get mighty thirsty in toe to toe combat!