This model was built by changing the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit of the USS Hornet CV-8. I used the set of dedicated improvement parts produced by White Ensign Models, Gold Medal Models, Tom's Modelworks and a few general U.S. Navy sets by L'Arsenal.  Also with the model, about 400 resin naval figures by L'Arsenal were added. 

Hornet99LR.JPG (122674 bytes) Hornet01LR.JPG (127924 bytes) Hornet07LR.JPG (123292 bytes) Hornet08LR.JPG (122885 bytes)
Hornet06LR.JPG (114420 bytes) Hornet03LR.JPG (128964 bytes) Hornet05LR.JPG (104048 bytes) Hornet04LR.JPG (128409 bytes)
Hornet09LR.JPG (114697 bytes) Hornet10LR.JPG (103784 bytes) Hornet14LR.JPG (126943 bytes) Hornet92LR.JPG (67823 bytes)

Luciano Rizzato